DONSO – The future of African Beat orchestrated by Krazy Baldhead

The future of African Beat orchestrated by Krazy Baldhead 
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DONSO is the result of the collaboration of four talented musicians coming from France and Mali:
Producer Pierre Antoine Grison (who also releases his own music on Ed Banger Records as 
Krazy Baldhead), malian vocalist Gedeon Papa DiarraGuimba Kouyate on Guitars and 
Djele N’Goni (traditional malian  string instruments),Thomas Guillaume on percussions and 
Donso N’Goni. Also featured on the album are other top Malian musicians Ballake Sissoko on 
Kora and keyboardist Cheick Thidiane Seck.

Donso’s long awaited debut album, out late september 2010 on Comet Records, is a well-rounded 
journey from the deep roots of Malian music to an exciting and melodic African electro-pop.
Pierre-Antoine Grison, who produced the album in Paris along with one of France’s most 
talented sound engineers Lucas Chauvierecreated a stunning blend that mixes traditional music
from Mali with a fresh and modern sound that truly belongs to the 21st century.

Donso EPK from Comet Records on Vimeo.

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