My First Name Is Maceo (Maceo Parker Doku) [Video]

My First Name Is Maceo

Ein Muss für jeden Funkateer! Die Maceo Parker Doku featuring Fred Wesley und Pee Wee Ellis:

This documentary captures alto saxophonist Maceo Parker both on and offstage. Includes Interviews with Parker, his brother Melvin and the musicians who have worked with him. Parker was James Brown’s featured sax before Maceo went out on his own.

1 – Keep on marching 1:21
2 – Gimme Some More 6:51
3 – Children’s World 28:50
6 – Walking home together 40:10
5 – Shake Everything You’ve Got 42:24
6 – Funk Is About What You Don’t Play 55:00
7 – Let’s get it on 58:44
8 – House Party 1:11:19
9 – Cold Sweat 1:17:13

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