Sehr schönes Mixtape des Odd Castles Labels, dessen Schwerpunkte bei luftig leichtem Pop, Dream Pop und Bedroom Pop liegen:

Originally this mix was meant to just go up on SoundCloud and I was simply gonna share it with friends from there. I mean, it really all started with R.L. Kelly’s Attic Abasement cover and the whole idea of (re)sharing older demos, outtakes, or covers that some friends left behind at some point. But it wasn’t until I received Yohuna’s song that I began to seriously consider ways to truly make this mix special. For fun – I created a mock up cassette shell design and a few days later I asked myself ‚why not go all out on this?‘ That’s sort of how it all got to this point. I’ve just been blessed and fortunate to know all these extremely talented individuals and I even made a few more friends in the process of curating this tape. Mostly, I hope you all enjoy these tunes as much as I do. Plus, even if you aren’t planning on getting the tape, please stream the mix below (or on SC) and don’t hesitate to share it among friends& fam.

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