1. The Rod
2. Hello Mama Africa
3. Love Is The Answer
4. All The Woman That I Need
5. Good Good
6. Commitment
7. Gave You Everything I Got
8. Place In Your Heart
9. It’s Growing
10. Nothing Can Divide Us
11. Oh Me Oh My
12. A Man Is Just A Man w. Tony Rebel
13. Splashing Dashing
14. Bless Me
15. Jah Jah Is The Ruler
16. Kingly Character
17. Zion Inna Vision
18. Lord Watch Over Our Shoulders
19. Fill Us Up With Your Mercy
20. Passing Judgement
21. Complain w. Buju Banton
22. Hard Nut To Crack
23. Mystic Chant
24. Every Knee Shall Bow
25. Keep Them Talking
26. Lion Heart
27. Harder
28. Retreat Wicked Man
29. Disadvantage
30. Born Free
31. So Divine
32. Let it Flow
33. Satisfaction
34. Life Is Like A Piano
35. Mama
36. Like A Mother
37. World Is In Trouble w. Anthony B
38. Give I Strength
39. Blessed Be The Almighty
40. Fight Back w. Richie Stephens
41. Necessity
42. Spread the love
43. Wicked (Your Time Has Expired)


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