Das ist ja krass. Ein ganzes Mixtape aus Karl-May-Soundtracks hat DJ Fog Puma hier gebastelt.
Stilistisch liegt der Mix irgendwo zwischen Ambient, Klassik, Exotica und Westernathmosphäre.

This mix is made entirely of Karl May film soundtracks by german composer Martin Böttcher. Karl May was a 19th century writer of trivial adventure novels (many of them being set in the american „wild west“). In the 20th century, he was very popular in german speaking countries – and in the 1960s german film producer Horst Wendtland started to realise a long series of film adaptations of May’s novels, beginning with „Der Schatz im Silbersee“ (the treasure in the silver lake). The wild west novels and also the films are centered around the adventures of Apache chief Winnetou and his friend Old Shatterhand (see picture). The films were a huge success back then, partially because of the significant soundtracks by Martin Böttcher, a german film composer. His mix of typical film score with exotica elements and jazzy percussion makes the Karl May scores quite unique. As a young boy, I was a huge fan of Mr. Böttchers sounds, and the first record I bought with my own money was a compilation of Böttcher’s western melodies.
Many years later, I still adore the more ambient pieces of his work, and so I did a mix with them. Enjoy! DJ Fog Puma

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