Got That Funky Stuff (FREE Funk Swinging to GhettoFunk Mix)


Track List:

Got That Funky Stuff (Tribute to Kool & The Gang) Basement Freaks
The Party mister T.
Afro Fillings mister T.
Da Flava extended mix – City Tribe DJ With No Name
Max Romeo and The Upsetters – Chase The Devil (Yum Cha Re-Funk) Yum Cha
It don’t mean a thing ProleteR
Whitestick S Strong
Betty Funk Funkstatik
California Down (2pac VS Diana Ross) Tom Haggen
Funkin With Bootsy Ufecki
Pharrell Vs The Bee Gee’s – Stayin‘ Happy Discoid Mashups
I Want Effortless Elegance Back Romano Gemini
Lenny Kravitz – Mamma Said (PulpFusion Mix) PulpFusion
Oldschool Vodooo Funk Hiphoppapotamus
Ramble On Deer Lick

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