Independence Dance Mix ‘Sebene: Buka Loketo’ (free download)


Die Demokratische Republik Kongo (DRC) feiert 54 Jahre Unabhängigkeit von Belgien. Aus diesem Anlass hat der Produzent und Rapper Alec Lomami aus Kinshasa seine favorite dance tracks aus dem Kongo für den Independence Dance Mix ‘Sebene: Buka Loketo’ zusammengestellt:

When people speak of DRC music there’s a lot said about Tabu Ley, Franco, Papa Wemba, Mbilia Bel etc…and I love all those guys, but as a young kind growing up in DRC those guys were the music of my parents, we were more into Wenge and Koffi. And their music was heard all over the continent. It was the soundtrack of the club and parties. So I wanted to give a nod to that aspect of Congolese music. I still think we have the best guitar riff on the continent ;)” Alec Lomami

1. JB Mpiana – Ndombolo
2. Koffi Olomide – Loi
3. Wenge Musica – Kalayi Boeing
4. Wenge Musica – Kin Ebouge
5. Wenge Musica – Pentagone
6. Koffi Olomide – Attantat
7. Werrason – Ca sonne
8. Koffi Olomide – Danger de Mort
9. Werrason – Tindika Lokito
10. Koffi Olomide – Effrakata
11. Ferre Gola – joao ndomele
12. Werrason – Sous Sol
13. Koffi Olomide – Ultimatum
14. Les Marquis – Desespoire
15. JB Mpiana – Mpunda

“Most Congolese songs have a singing part followed by a dancing part, which is where the tempo goes up a bit (called the “sebene”). Growing up I used to want to be an atalaku. An atalaku is like an MC but not in the sense of a rapper. He’s the one singing during the “sebene.” So I named the mix Sebene: Buka Loketo (Buka Loketo means shake your hips, since pretty much most of our dances involves some sorts of hips shakin’)”


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