Nach WEST COAST RESURRECTION PT.1 ist Just Cruisin ein weiteres Mixtape von Crack-T, auf dem er uns West Coast Klassiker aus der Golden Era präsentiert:


„Last night I was diggin through my records and played a few tunes from my vinyls. I ended up doing a little mix with mostly „West Coast Classics“.
Don´t front since you will hear a few huge hits like „Next Episode“ or „Regulate“ or „2 Of Americaz Most Wanted“ in this mix – I still consider them not overplayed and all-time favs. BTW does anyone remember Domino´s Ghetto Jam? This used to be a smash im 1993. Snoop´s Doggystyle is still one of my favorite albums of all time! I also sneaked in music by The Geto Boys, Shaq or Biggie… but still very related to typical West Coast 90s Hip Hop.
This one is mixed with original vinyls as well as Serato since I love to use loops for certain mix routines. Enjoy!“ @Crack-T


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