Lana Del Rey & Notorious B.I.G. – kostenloses Mixtape

Kostenloses Mixtape von Terry Urban. Er hat Biggie’s Ready to Die mit Lana Del Rey’s Born to Die gemixt.

So I proudly present to you along with the homies from Dope Couture… Lana Del Rey and Notorious Big…
Born Ready To Die.
The music from Lana’s Born To Die… remixed and resampled.
The lyrics from Biggie’s Ready To Die… still timeless after all these years.
It’s a perfect marriage… dark and mysterious… soulful and gritty.
Terry Urban

01. “Notorious Origin”
02. Suicidal Axl”
03. “Juicy Lolita”
04. “Lucky Struggle”
05. “FTW”
06. “Everything I Want”
07. “Changed Ways”
08. “Money Is The Anthem”
09. “You’re No Good For Me”
10. “No Chance Without You”
11. “Crack Paradise”
12. “Unbelievable Man”
13. “With or Withoutcha”
14. “Hypnotizing Summer”
15. “Wrong Game”
16. “Dead End”


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