Life Autumnatic (free Jazzfunk Mixtape)



1. Sam Sanders – Summer Mist (Sumad W.A.)
2. Steve Kuhn – Time To Go (Pauki’s Austin Gift)
3. Leon Thomas – China Doll (Yodl Brother Prvulovic)
4. Gary Bartz – I’ve Known Rivers (Gaspard – Brother From Another Mother)
5. Ray Bryant – Fox Stalker (Billy West)
6. Luiz Eça – Consolação (Ruth Manuva)
7. Lou Bond – Why Must Our Eyes Always Be Turned Backwards (Martina Kaiser)
8. Randolph Brown & Co – It Ain’t like It Used To Be (Karin Bell)
9. Major Harris – Loving You Is Mellow (Philly Aficionado Seza)
10. Lou Courtney – The Common Broken Heart (Antonia Pellegrino)
11. Tommy McGee – Now That I Have You (***)
12. Yasuko Agawa – LA Night (Enis The CD Digger)
13. Light Of The World – London Town (Joel Tecleab)
14. Nina Simone – Rich Girl (Blue Collar Demet)
15. Lemuria – Hunk Of Heaven (Elke a.d. Moore)
16. The Rance Allen Group – Piece Of Mind (Zero Zero)
17. Michael Boothman – What You Won’t Do For Love (Kristina from Dalston)

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