Somewhere out there in the Multiverse, there is another universe just like ours except that everything runs much slower. With a DIY quantum tunneling device in my studio I’ve been able to bring over a few pieces of music from this other reality.
This new mix is all time stretched tunes. There are some pretty recognizable tracks in the mix. Or at least they were recognizable in our universe. Actually most are still familiar if not immediately recognizable.


T R A C K L I S T :

00:00 Aphex Twin – Lichen 300% slower mixed with 800% slower
07:30 Vangelis – Fading Away(Blade Runner) 800% slower
15:30 Steve Reich – Music for 18 Musicians Section 1 800% slower
25:18 Ryuichi Sakamoto – Revenant Main Theme 600% slower & edited
34:15 Johann Johannsson – Kangaru(Arrival) 800% slower
42:55 Brian Eno – An Ending(Ascent) reversed half speed mixed with 800% slower
49:00 Aphex Twin – Rhubarb 800% slower
60:00 end


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