T R A C K L I S T :

00:00 J. Ralph & Scarlett Johansson – Before My Time (from Chasing Ice OST)
03:33 Sigur Ros – Varðeldur (from Valtari)
09:15 Manu Katché – Slowing the Tides (from Manu Katché)
14:35 Simon Scott – sealevel.1 (from Below Sealevel)
18:25 Kiln – Centrifu (from Thermals)
19:40 S. Carey – Mothers (from All We Grow)
24:45 Andrew Bird – Night Sky (from Norman OST)
28:13 Endless Melancholy – A Song for the Morning Star (from Music for Quiet Mornings)
32:40 Schulte & Martin – Frosty Morning (from Treasure)
36:10 J. Ralph – Chasing Ice (Croconite) (from Chasing Ice OST)
39:05 Max Richter – Winter 3 (from Vivaldi 4 Seasons Recomposed)
43:15 Patrick Watson – Noisy Sunday (from Adventurers in Your Own Backyard)
45:05 Garth Stevenson – Dawn (from Flying)
50:55 Manuell Göttsching – Quasarsphere (from Inventions for Electric Guitar)
56:55 J. Ralph – You’re No Longer Just a Human Being (from Chasing Ice OST)
58:40 end


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