TIPP: Matt Stansberry & The Romance – Crash Landing (free Retro-Soul Album)


Matt Stansberry, der aussieht wie die Reinkarnation von Buddy Holly, spielt mit seiner Band einen gepflegten Retro-Soul. Ihr 2014er Album Crash Landing gibt es jetzt via Noisetrade als kostenlosen Download. Ziemlich cooles Album, das man sich nicht entgehen lassen sollte! Dieser Meinung ist auch die Presse:

„A ten-piece homage to 1950s and 60s soul and blues that is an energetic, electric and absolutely earth-quaking musical assault. This is a big time sound from a big time band. Look for big things from Matt Stansberry & The Romance“
Michael Canter, Jivewired

„…First and foremost was the incredible soul the band brought to the stage. Stansberry has crafted a sound that is rarely heard from new bands, especially those in Oklahoma: full horn section, soulful and engaging background singers (who thankfully weren’t that much in the background) and a fun show that would be perfectly at home in Memphis or Motown“
Jerry Wofford, Tulsa World

„Stansberry’s Buddy Holly look and Chuck Berry aesthetic cook with his large band featuring some amazing background singers and brass to complete one heck of a rocking outfit. Despite the retro vibe, Stansberry’s songwriting and musical chops create very modern sensibilities.“
Scott Rains, The Lawton Constitution

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