Mixtape 0310: Modern Funk/Soul By Enrique Domenech

Mixtape 0310: Modern Funk/Soul

Radio Dj/ Modern beats specialist. Highlighting his work as a dj starting at late nineties, profesionalizing himself in the irish scene, working together with the most and well known names, clubs, and radioshows. He has shared dj box with names such as Carl Craig, Richard Dorfmeister, Ben Mono, Wagon Cookin´, Dublex Inc., TM Juke, Biggabush, Joan Barbena, Watch TV, Señor Lobo, Andy Williams, etc… 

His dj sets go from sophisticated english ,german, american and japanese influenced downtempo, to really groovy freestyle blends. He has played at main venue in Spain, Portugal, Canada, England, Sweden, Italy, etc, and has collaborated with Radios such as Radio3 „Musica Es Tres“. He has made two compilations; CD04 of „A Slice of Paradise“ Vol.1 on his own indi label Fusionova021records, and F021R Meets Club Ibiza on Sunshine Enterprises. 

Since 2006, he is running Fusionova021records Radioshow, broadcasted at Ibiza Sonica 95.2FM, and on several internet music platforms around the globe.

An hour with the freshest Funk/Soul and beyong….released these days.

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