The Goodwill Projects presents MoQuannum: Soul to Sole (FREE Motown-Remix-Mashup-Album)

MoQuannum: Soul to Sole, ist ein HipHop-Kollektiv von gleichgesinnten DJs, Rappern und Produzenten. Guillermo Chiapa der zuletzt dazu beigetragen hatte, das geniale MashUp-Projekt „Yasiin Gaye“ von Amerigo Gazaway aus dem Jahr 2014, mit an den Start zu bringen, sieht sich weniger als Musiker sondern mehr als Künstler und so ist auch The Goodwill Projects, dass sich dem weltberühmten Soul-Label Motown widmet, eine wundervolles Remix-Mashup-Album geworden:

Soul To Sole, is a kindred fusion of past and present. To say the least, Motown records echo some of the greatest musicians and instrumental arrangements in musical history. Quannum – originally known as Solesides – is a like minded collection of artists that came together to pool their ideas and energy into something prolific and independent in contemporary music.”

01. Intro = Joyo Velarde + Subsoniq Radio + Marvin Gaye
02. What The Quannum World Is Today = Quannum + The Temptations
03. Cruisin‘ With Passion (feat. Rakaa) = Gift Of Gab + Smokey Robinson
04. You Can’t Hurry My Pad And My Pen = Gift Of Gab + The Supremes
05. Just The Best of My Imagination = Lateef The Truth Speaker + Gift Of Gab + The Temptations
06. No Shame On The Dance Floor (feat. Q-Tip) Lateef + The Spinners
07. Intermission 1 = Subsoniq Radio
08. Papa Put Your Back Into It = Quannum + The Temptations
09. Feel THIS Way = Gift Of Gab + Thelma Houston
10. Gift Of Gab Speaks (Interlude)
11. 2 Hip Hop Lovers 4 Ya Mind (feat. Motion Man) = Gift Of Gab + Mary Wells
12. Fortitude Dancing Machine (feat. Raashan Ahmad) = Gift Of Gab + Jackson 5
13. Intermission 2 = Subsoniq Radio
14. I Just Want to Celebrate Concentration (feat. Jurassic 5) = Gift Of Gab, Lateef, Lyrics Born + Rare Earth
15. I Heard A Party Through The Grapevine = Lateef + Marvin Gaye
16. I’ll Be There 4 The Call 2 Arms = Latyrx (Lyrics Born & Lateef) + Jackson 5
17. Lateef Speaks (Interlude)
18. Let’s Get It All In (feat. Pigeon John, Eligh & The Grouch) = Gift Of Gab + Marvin Gaye
19. Pushed Aside But Hanging On = Latyrx + The Supremes
20. Intermission 3 = Subsoniq Radio
21. Pearl Selector (feat. J-Live) = Lifesavas + Jackson 5
22. What’s Going On Diaries (feat. Mr. Lif) = ApSci + Marvin Gaye
23. Cold Call On Hold = Lyrics Born + Gift Of Gab + Joyo Velarde + Smokey Robinson & The Miracles
24. Got to Be an 8-Point Agenda = Latyrx + The Temptations
25. Outro = Subsoniq Radio + Marvin Gaye


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