Mungo’s Hi Fi Soundsystem ft. Little John, Top Cat & YT live @ Alexandra Park Festival Day (free download)

Mungo's Hi Fi Soundsystem ft. Little John, Top Cat & YT at Alexandra Park Glasgow on 21st June 2014

Join us in reliving the final two hours of a legendary day in the sun at Alexandra Park in Glasgow’s East End, when we welcomed the original dancehall singer Little John to our microphone section, backed by UK veterans Top Cat & YT.
Watch out for highlights like Top Cats „Nova Scotia“, YT’s „England Story“ on the original Sleng Teng, Little John’s „Oo-we“ on the Revolution riddim, and a special guest appearance from Parly B who jumped out of the crowd and a seconds notice. The east end choir singing „One Love“ at the end shine through as well – enjoy!
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