Nas, born Nasir bin Olu Dara Jones, might very well be my overall favorite hiphop artist. I’m not a fan of everything he did, but his first two albums “Illmatic” and “It Was Written” are both in my Top 10 of classic hiphop albums, so that definitely means something. On top of that, throughout his long career (he released Illmatic at the age of 20, he’s 39 now …) he made a large volume of strong tracks. Sometimes, you had to look for them among the weaker material, but they were always there though.

As far as my mix goes, you know the recipe, all of my favorite tracks mixed together with interview quotes, interludes, movie scenes etc … Enjoy the collage.

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Paul De Loecker



1. Nas – NY state of mind 2. Nas – Interview (about Queensbridge) 3. Nas – Represent 4. Nas – Interview (about “One Love”) 5. Nas – One Love 6. Nas – Scene from Belly (Shorty) 7. Nas – The Message 8. Nas – The Second Coming (aka It’s Like That) 9. Nas – I Gave You Power 10. Nas – Wake Up Show Anthem 11. Nas – My Way 12. DJ Premier, Pete Rock, Q-Tip, Large Professor – Interview (about Illmatic) 13. Nas – It aint hard to Tell 14. Large Professor – Interview (about “It Ain’t Hard To Tell”) 15. Large Professor (on Juan Epstein Podcast) – Interview (about “You’re The Man”) 16. Nas – You’re The Man 17. The Firm – Affirmative Action 18. Nas – The World is Yours (Q-Tip Remix) 19. Nas – Scene from Belly (Africa) 20. Damian Marley feat. Nas – Road to Zion 21. Nas – Take It In Blood 22. DJ Premier – Interview (about “Nas Is Like”) 23. Nas – Nas Is Like 24. Nas – Rise & Fall 25. Nas – Interview (about first rhyme) 26. Nas feat. Quan – Just A Moment 27. Nas – NY State Of Mind, Pt. II 28. Nas – Outro

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N-A-S are the letters that spell … (Nas Tribute Mix) by Paul De Loecker on Mixcloud


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