Pupa Vinylist is a french reggae-lover who lives for many years in Germany. With a few friends he founded the Rebelion Soundsystem in a town called Dubstadt, where they are responsible for some of the heaviest sessions in the region with many well-established artists like Mungo’s Hi Fi, Cultural Warriors, Jahtari, Subactive and Riddim Tuffa among many others.
He selects all kind of soundsystem styles from the late 60s to modern production but his favorite era is still the early 80s where Deejays “rubbed” the dubs in the yards they called dancehalls, bringing their skills over old Studio One classics, played all night long on self-build but heavy Soundsystems.
With this mixtape he wants to share his love for this very raw sound through a versatile selection, from Channel One rub a dub classics toward to the early digital productions:

1. Lone Ranger – Settle the Vibes
2. Toyan – Overseas Posse
3. Yellowman – Mad over Me
4. V.A. – Sweetie Sweetie
5. Jah Thomas – Dancehall Connection
6. Johnnie Ringo – Connection of Connection
7. Luie Lepkie – Willie Red
8. Captain Sinbad – Sinbad and The Eye of the Tiger
9. Toyan – Cuss + Cuss
10. Tonto Irie – Murder Commit
11. King Kong – Legal we Legal
12. Courtney Melody – Ninja we Ninja
13. Anthony Red Rose – Tempo
14. Conroy Smith – Original Sound
15. Screw Driver – Computer Rule
16. Tonto Irie – Worlds best Lover
17. Courtney Melody – Tick a Tock
18. Courtney Melody – Screechie across the borders
19. Hopeton Lindo – Territory
20. Nicodemus – Shaolin Plat
21. Johnnie Ringo – Gun Shot
22. Captain Sinbad – All Over Me
23. Early B – Four Wheel No Real
24. Nicodemus – Willie Red
25. Johnnie Ringo – Horse Man
26. Luie Lepkie – Bank Clerk
27. Ranking Dread – Love a Dub

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