Relaxed Silhouettes Dance at Night (dusty jazz breaks – free mixtape)



Tracklist –

Power of the Drums Intro
Franco Campanino – Gatto Nero
Brian Bennet – Solstice
Gary Pacific Orchestra – Soft Wind
Bullet – The Spic
Dick Walter – Silhouttes
Accadde A – Accadde A Bali
Dieter Reith – Beams
Hysear Don Walker – Children of the Night
Sven Libaek – Misty Canyon
A. Parker – Relaxed Spacious
Lyn Christopher – Take Me With You
Ed Scogillera – Compression Dorothy Ashby – The Windmills of Your Mind
Jane Birkin – Jane B
Alain Goaguer – Le Bracelet
Janne Schatter – Atlants Inn
Great Pride – She’s A Lady
Gator OST – Laying The Trap
Absolute Everywhere – Future Past
The Bubble Gum Machine – I Wonder
F. McDonald – Night Moves
Spacey – Dancer
Lafayette Afro Rock Band – Darkest Light




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