Sema Lo haut seine Debütsingle bei Switchstance Recordings veröffentlicht. Dope!

Lorenz Herrmann aka Sema Lo was born and raised in Germany, and after studying Swahili in Berlin and Dar Es Salaam, he found himself rapping in Swahili and making good friends in the music scene. As cultural activist and music lover, he finally decided his energy would be more needed and efficient in East Africa, so he found himself moving to the beautiful island of Zanzibar in Tanzania in 2015.

But what is the “Slow Life”? This is how Sema Lo describes it in his own words:
“Slow Life is a song that truly expresses my annoyance of the crazy fast life we live in…having to be on the phone all the time…all the social media crap going on…especially young, but also older people, really being fixed to their phones for everything…so the song is about actively leaving the phone at home, going out and enjoying the Slow Life…the real non-digital life…meeting up with your friends…chatting and spending quality time while your phone is at home…recording the song was like a family thing with Jamila and Hardmad… Jamila is a really good friend in Zanzibar and we spent a lot of quality time aka Slow Life together…Hardmad is a Reggae legend in Tanzania and it´s a big honor to have him on the song…Hardmad and Jamila bring in a little different style that fits perfectly to my idea of the song…”


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