Soludos — Cheers to the Summer: 2010 Summer Soundtrack

Soludos and the team at RCRD LBL and Downtown Music have pulled together the perfect blend of songs for summer. Some are new, some are old, some are sweet and some are spicy but they all hit the spot.
Not only can you download the complete album for free, but 20 randomly selected e-mails will get a free pair of these fantastic men’s and women’s shoes. Cheers to the Summer indeed.

The Drums – Let’s Go Surfing
The Like – Release Me
TAB the Band – She Said No (I Love You)
Mishka – Bittersweet
Femi Kuti – They Will Run
Asa – 360°
Lissy Trullie – Boy Boy
White Denim – Regina Holding Hands
The Candle Thieves – The Sunshine Song
Caitlin Crosby – Still Have My Heart


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