“Sophisticated Logic” (A Steely Dan Tribute) by All Good Funk Alliance // free download


1. Steely Dan “ Green Earrings”
2. Gabe the Devil “Kid Clean” – Samples “Green Earrings” “Here at the Western World”
3. Gabe the Devil “The Girls” – Samples “Sign in Stranger”
4. Gabe the Devil “Melanie” – Samples “Time out of Mind”
5. Gabe the Devil “The Lovers” – Samples “Peg” “Tim out of Mind”
6. Steely Dan “Hey Nineteen” (Sinusic remix)
7. Steely Dan “Hey Nineteen”
8. Gabe the Devil “Broadway Duchess” – Samples “Black Friday” “Caves of Altamira”
9. Lord Tariq, Peter Guns “Uptown, Baby” – Samples “Black Cow”
10. Steely Dan “Black Cow”
11. Gabe the Devil “Charlie” – Samples “Black Cow” “Through the Buzz” “Green Book”
12. Steely Dan “Peg” (DJ Twister Edit)
13. Sleeve “Get It On” – Samples “Peg”
14. Gabe the Devil “Jive Miguel” – Samples “Throw back the little Ones” “King of the World”
15. Gabe the Devil “Lady Bayside” – Samples “The Fez” “Glamour Profession”
16. Andrew Clark “L’Amour Session – Steely Dan”
17. Gabe the Devil “The Queen of Spain” – Samples “Only a Food would Say That”
18. Gabe the Devil “Chino” – Samples “Slang of Ages” “Home at Last” “Don’t take me alive”
19. Steely Dan “Do it Again (Flying Mojito Bros done it again remix)
20. Steely Dan “We Gonna Have A Wing Ding” (Fingerman’s Classic Edit)
21. Steely Dan “Jack of Speed” (Air Zaire Edit)
22. Gabe the Devil “Stangers” – Samples “Bad Sneakers” “Hey Nineteen”
23. Gabe the Devil “That Adorable Ghost” – Samples “Your Gold Teeth II”


free download



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