a worldwide thing bossa love

Hier noch ein paar entspannte brasilianische Klänge vor dem Halbfinale, zusammengestellt von IAMRISHA. Relax! ;)


Rare and classic sounds of 60’s and 70’s Brazil. It’s a special! A mix of musical gems in a culturally rich era for Brazil that gave rise to diverse musical styles that include Afro Samba, dreamy jazz Percussion to Bossa Funk. A look at the lesser-known artists such as Ely Camargo and Vox Populi to icons Gilberto Gil and Tom Zé who helped define the cultural movement Tropicália through their unorthodox approach to melody. Big thanks to the Brazilian embassy New Delhi, Radio 79 and labels Mr.Bongo and Far Out Recordings for their support. Enjoy IAMRISHA