All vinyl. All OGs:

1. Syreeta – Move It, Do It [1981]
2. T-Ski Valley – Never Let Go (Rap & Breaks) [1982]
3. Spyder D – Smerphies Dance [1982]
4. Les Femmes – Yes, You Thrill Me [1984]
5. Fonda Rae – Over Like a Fat Rat [1982]
6. Just Four – Jam to Remember (Disco Mix & Breaks)[1982]
7. Rockmaster Scott & The Dynamic Three – Request Line [1984]
8. Videeo – Closet Freak (Special Mix) [1982]
9. The Whispers – Keep on Lovin’ Me [1983]
10. Convertion – Let’s Do It [1980]
11. Casper – Casper’s Groovy Ghost Show [1980]
12. Super Wolf – Super-Wolf Can Do It [1980]
13. Capt. Crunch & The Funky Bunch – The Gigolo Groove (Party Version) [1981]
14. Bon Rock & Cotton Candy – Junior Wants to Play [1982]
15. Little Toni Marsh – Video Burnout [1983]
16. Planet Patrol – Rock At Your Own Risk (Instrumental) [1982]
17. John Blair – Momma Said Shut Up [1985]



BRASS ROCK FUNK – 2 turntable – all 7″ vinyl live mix:

Strictly Rockers - Jamaican Roots Reggae, Funk, Soul, Ska and Dub Vinyl DJ Mix

All vinyl, live, Jamaican Roots Reggae, Funk, Soul, Ska and Dub Mix:

all vinyl, 2-turntable live mix featuring

t a k eCARE of Y O U

all vinyl, 2 turntable live mix, featuring

r e a l THRILL

All vinyl, 2 turntable live mix, featuring:

ariel photo over Detroit Jan/2015

ariel photo over Detroit Jan/2015

2 turntable, all vinyl live mix of music (mostly) from DETROIT:

S T R I C T L Y r o o t s (WICKED)

All vinyl, 2-turntable live mix [In memory of Jahson of Strictly Roots Band] featuring:

jungle voodoo house

“Jungle Voodoo House” for tribal dance sessions at urban underground venues with animalistic vibes:

move on up

Pure Funky Disco to your BODY and SOUL – all vinyl, 2 turntable mix of funky jazzy disco-soul jams:

O T H E R funk

Here’s a fresh mix of global beats and outernational groovy-ness for a New God Damn Year!


triple og mix


All vinyl, 2 turntable live mix featuring: