Die Geigerin, Sängerin, Songschreiberin und Produzentin Sudan Archives hat ein Video zu ‚Limitless‘ veröffentlicht, einem der Höhepunkte ihres gefeierten Debütalbums „Athena“ unter der Regie von Femke Huurdeman.

Das Video befasst sich mit dem zentralen Thema des Albums, der Dualität, die wiederum von den eigenen Erfahrungen Sudan Archives als Zwilling geprägt ist.

Der Regisseur sagt über das Video:

„It’s about opposite elements and how, as a person, you can feel torn between multiple feelings. It’s not choosing one over the other, but it’s about embracing we all have different layers, and once you know that, you can accept those complexities. A yin cannot exist without its yang, just like you can feel strong and vulnerable at the same time. Or, you can be a vampire queen but still feel heartbroken. The dancers in the video represent the twins, dualities within Sudan, going in and out of sync, pushing and pulling. I wanted to portray Sudan as fiery vampire queen, showing clearly her dark side whilst singing about more vulnerable emotions, yet in the end both sides will make her stronger than ever.”



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01.Intro Theme(The Departure)–Inner City Travellin Man—Yasiin Gaye
02.I Want You Till The Summertime—InnerCityTravellin Man—Yasiin Gaye
03.Devil`s Pie (Gospel Remix)–Singel–D`Angelo–Amerigo Gazaway
04.Revival—Singel–All Rise—Gregory Porter
05.La Noche Entera—In The Key Of Joy—Sergio Mendes
06.Mas Que Nada—Timeless–Sergio Mendes&Black Eyed Peas
07.Blind Faith—How The Mighty Fall—Izo Fitzroy
08.Come Back To Me—Singel–Funky Destination
09.Feel Alright—The Beat Kicks Vol.2—The Captain
10.Silver Flame—Resence 019–Singel—Fab Samperi
11.Feel Good Inc.feat The Gorillaz–Fela Soul—Amerigo Gazaway
12.Feeling Good–Amerigo Gazaway—Nina Simone&Lauryn Hill
13.The Panties—Inner City Travellin Man—Yasiin Gaye


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01.King Tee – Lets get it on 02.Lords of the Underground -Faith (alternative Mix) 03.Pete Rock & Cl Smooth &Denosh – it’s a love thing 04.A tribe called Quest – Stressed Out 05.Kozmonautz & LMNO – Blindsided 06.The Lox – Recognize 07.Zion I & Planet Aisa -Critical 08.Rakim – when I be on the Mic 09.A+ – It’s on You 10.AZ – Suger Hill 11.Keith Murray – The Rhyme ( Slum Village Remix ) 12.Eric Sermon – Welcome 13.A tribe called Quest – Find a way 14.Jim Sharp Edit – Breaking my Heart 15.Tek – Nothing in the World 16.Zion I & The Grouch – Trigger 17.J Boogoe & Lyrics Born & The Mamaz – Revolution 18.Guts – Otter 19.The Left – Listen to the Melody 20.GZA – Beneath the Suface 21.K-Os – Love Song 22.Lords of the Underground & Keith Murray – What I’m after (Remix) 23.CRU & Black Rob – Wreckognize 24.Diamond D & Eric Sermon & Havoc – The Three Kings 25.Heltah Skeltah – Therapie 26.High & Mighty – Dick Starbuck 27.Redman – Rollin‘ 28.Real Live – Pop the Trunk 29.Lil Dap – BabyMamaDrama 30.Black Moon – I gotcha open 31.Smif n Wessun – Wreckognize ( Remix) 32.The Architect & Dizzy Dustin – Design the Future 33.Kognitif – The Soul