… with Greg Allen, Masaharu Uemura, Maximilian Zamponi, Adrian Maxwell Sherwood, Éléonore Fragomeni, Ikuko Tamura, Matteo De Domenico, Maureen Winterhagerr, Sonia Grard, Anja Winnes, Marion Dieterle, Steffi Sieben, Ann-Marie Löschinger, Paul Zasky, Michael Rose …





Celebrating 10 years of Dub Kali Rootz in all its Dub based calamities and Love frequencies this anniversary special is dedicated to the lyrical and soundscaping genius of Camae Ayewa (aka)Moor Mother Goddess. The Philadelphia based artist recently played in Munich and moved like a fire ball through hip-hop, punk, free jazz and dissonant electronics. Her distortive sound is creation and destruction, making way for creation. Like she says: ” Breaking down the walls that get in the way of us reaching our full potentials.” Moor Mother Goddess is about spreading the word across race, colour and boundaries. Sound as the healing frequency, constantly changing, to be heard across all dimensions. Living the light and sharing some of my favourite, feel-good Dubs and Roots Reggae Tracks with you. Tune Eeen and Nuff Dub Love and Thanks to Freiburg’s Free Radio and Germany’s oldest free radio!

Stranger Cole, Ty, Dubblestandart, Moor Mother, The Clash and more: