Die 17jährige Johanna aus Schweden covert den Fleetwood Mac Klassiker:



Volume 7 aus der Fleetmac Wood Mixtape Reihe:

‘Dragging Around’ – Jack Tennis Edit @jacktennis
Sisters of the Moon – Roxanne Roll Edit @roxanneroll
World Turning – Flying Mojito Bros Refrito @flying-mojito0bros
Edge of 2017 – Antenna Happy Edit @antenna-happy
Empire State – Roxanne Roll Little Red Apple Edit @roxanneroll
Angel – LanternLights Edit @lantern-lights-229806414
Planets of the Universe – Roxanne Roll Playa Remix @roxanneroll
Beautiful People Beautiful Problems – Lana Del Rey feat. Stevie Nicks – Roxanne Roll Rework @roxanneroll
In’t it Midnight – Twin Sun Edit @twinsunmusic
Over My Head/Shoreline – Fleetwood Mac/XSPANCE/Joey Fehrenbach (LanternLights Edit)@lantern-lights-229806414
Leather & Lace – Stevie Nicks (Roxanne Roll Remix)@roxanneroll









0:00  Fleetwood Mac – Go Insane
7:20  Fleetwood Mac – The Chain
9:20  Fleetwood Mac – Landslide (Remastered LP Version)
12:20  Fleetwood Mac – Silver Springs
22:20  Fleetwood Mac – Tusk
23:40  Fleetwood Mac – Songbird (Remastered LP Version)
25:40  Fleetwood Mac – Songbird
26:40  Fleetwood Mac – Intro
27:40  Fleetwood Mac – What Makes You Think You’re The One (Remastered LP Version)
31:00  Fleetwood Mac – Over My Head
34:20  Fleetwood Mac – As Long As You Follow
36:40  Fleetwood Mac – Monday Morning (Remastered LP Version)
38:20  Fleetwood Mac – Monday Morning
39:20  Fleetwood Mac – Storms (Remastered LP Version)
44:40  Fleetwood Mac – I’m So Afraid
50:40  Fleetwood Mac – Everywhere – Remastered
57:00  Fleetwood Mac – Dreams
59:00  Fleetwood Mac – World Turning (Remastered LP Version)
1:02:40  Fleetwood Mac – Sisters Of The Moon (Remastered LP Version)
1:07:00  Fleetwood Mac – Don’t Stop
1:10:00  Fleetwood Mac – Think About Me (Remasterd Single/LP Version)
1:12:20  Fleetwood Mac – Seven Wonders
1:15:20  Fleetwood Mac – Skies The Limit (Remastered LP Version)
1:18:40  Fleetwood Mac – Gold Dust Woman
1:24:20  Fleetwood Mac – Family Man
1:27:20  Fleetwood Mac – Little Lies
1:30:40  Fleetwood Mac – Love In Store (Remastered LP Version)
1:33:40  Fleetwood Mac – Hold Me
1:37:00  Fleetwood Mac – Sara
1:44:40  Fleetwood Mac – Oh Daddy
1:47:00  Fleetwood Mac – Say You Love Me (Remastered LP Version)
1:52:00  Fleetwood Mac – Rhiannon
1:54:20  Fleetwood Mac – Gypsy (Remastered LP Version)
1:58:20  Fleetwood Mac – Go Your Own Way
2:02:00  Fleetwood Mac – Big Love (Live Album Version)




The Melker Project aus New York hat 2013 5 Songs von Fleetwood Mac mit Ciara, Ludacris, Rihanna, Jay-Z, Yung Joc und 2Chainz sehr behutsam und geschmackvoll gemashuped und zum kostenlosen download auf Soundcloud hochgeladen. Kurz darauf war die EP verschwunden – jetzt ist sie erfreulicherweise wieder aufgetaucht. Also schnell herunterladen, bevor sie wieder verschwunden ist :)

free download



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VOL 6 aus der Fleetmac Wood Mixtape Reihe feiert das 40jährige Jubiläum des Fleetwood Mac Über-Albums Rumours.

40 years ago, a masterpiece was born.
We’ve been celebrating Rumours by Fleetwood Mac with a series of parties all over the UK, US and Canada
and we’re excited to share with you some of the new edits that we’ve been playing recently.
Many thanks to all the producers that have contributed and of course the incredible Fleetwood Mac for the constant inspiration.
Edited by Roxanne Roll


Second Hand Disco – Roxanne Roll Edit @roxanneroll
Dreams – Daniel Zurr Remix @danielzurr
Songbird – Roxanne Roll Sun Shining Edit @roxanneroll
The Chain – In Flagranti Remix @inflagranti
Oh Daddy – Smooth Sailing Edit @smoothsailing
Never Going Back – Dj Art Cumbja Edit @itsdjart
I don’t want to know – Twin Sun Edit @twinsunmusic
Gold Dust Woman – Roxanne Roll Edit @roxanneroll
You Make Loving Fun – Trail Mix
Go Your Own Way – Ursula 1000 Edit @ursula1000
Don’t Stop – Trail Mix
Silver Springs – Roxanne Roll Rework @roxanneroll
Songbird – Pocketknife Mix @pocketknife


Volume 5 aus der Fleetmac Wood Mixtape Reihe:
Track Listing
Tusk – Smooth Sailing Edit
Hypnotized – Zambon Edit
Edge of Seventeen – The Starkiller’s Seventeen Lightyears Remix
Storm – Roxanne Roll Remix
Hold Me – Twin Sun Edit
Gold Dust Woman – Twin Sun Edit
World Turning – Dean Kenny Remix
Family Man – Flight Facilities Edit
Dreams – Autobody Remix
Lightning Strikes – Twin Sun Edit
Landslide – LOOTER Remix


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Fleetmac Wood Volume 4
Volume 4 aus der Fleetmac Wood Mixtape Reihe:

Rhiannon – Lavashark Remix @lavashark
Tsk (Boris’s Re-Rub)
Beyond 17 – Blamma! Blamma! @blamma-blamma
Showbiz Blues – LEXX & Honey K Version @finger-magazine
Go Insane (Original Extended Mix for Germany) – Lindsey Buckingham
You Make Loving Fun – Antenna Happy Edit @antennahappy
Little Lies – Jaust Remix @jaustmusic
Say You Love Me – Wonder Wheel v Chazzymax Pianomania Edit) @wonderwheeluk
Second Hand News – Lavashark Remix @lavashark


Fleetwood Mac – The Chain (The Funk Hunters Remix)

One of our biggest remixes from the past year, this one starts at 70BPM with the original Chain Intro and then builds into a massive Dubstep Drop. Later, the track gets turned upside down with a long tempo change for a surprise D&B finish!
The Funk Hunters


Emily Reo - Dreams (Fleetwood Mac Cover)



Sehr schöne Acoustic-Soul-Coverversion von Fleedwood Mac‘s Landslide. Connor Pledger kannte ich bisher nicht, sollte man aber im Auge behalten. Für Fans von Amos Lee, Gavin Degraw, James Morrison, Allen Stone und Otis Redding. Sehr gut gefällt mir auch seine Coverversion von Sam Cooke’s A Change Is Gonna Come. Jetzt aber erstmal Landslide:

Das mittlerweile 3. Mixtape mit Fleetwood Mac Remixen:


All of these edits were played at the last Fleetmac Wood party in October and most of them were created especially for the project,” says Roxanne. “Big love to all the producers involved and everyone who came down and made it so special. The next party will be at The New Empowering Church on the 23rd of March. If you’ve got an edit of Fleetwood Mac (or a solo project), then get in touch: Fleetmac Wood




The Chain (Antenna Happy’s Acid Pit Stop Mix)
Rhiannon (Baron Von Luxxury Dreams Unwinding Re-Edit)
Gypsy – River & Phoenix
Sister Of the Moon – Les Petits Oiseaux Edit
Seven Wonders – (AC Re-Edit)
Big Love – Red Ken (Big Four Letter Word Mix)
Dreams – (Gigamesh Edit)
Go Your Own Way – (Mojo Filter Grand Vocal Dub)
Rhiannon – Roxanne Roll’s Birds Rising Remix