MARVIN JAY ist ein cooles MashUp Album von David Begun, auf dem er J Dilla-Beats mit den Vocals des Prince of Soul Marvin Gaye vermischt.

Und das Ganze gibt es auch noch für FREE.

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Blending the lush, soulful vocals from one of the greatest singers ever in Marvin Gaye with the production from the late J Dilla to paint a picture of what it would be like for the Prince of Soul to work with Detroit’s finest. Putting together pieces of Dilla beats across a range of albums to create unique tracks to layer in some of the most famous hits from Gaye’s collection. The result is what maybe it would look like if these two musical geniuses had not been separated by time and circumstance. Enjoy!
David Begun


Schönes instrumentales DUB-Album aus Spanien: warme, vollmundige Dub-Sounds mit fetten Bläsern, entspannt und easy und natürlich hundert Prozent digital. 


MoQuannum: Soul to Sole, ist ein HipHop-Kollektiv von gleichgesinnten DJs, Rappern und Produzenten. Guillermo Chiapa der zuletzt dazu beigetragen hatte, das geniale MashUp-Projekt “Yasiin Gaye” von Amerigo Gazaway aus dem Jahr 2014, mit an den Start zu bringen, sieht sich weniger als Musiker sondern mehr als Künstler und so ist auch The Goodwill Projects, dass sich dem weltberühmten Soul-Label Motown widmet, eine wundervolles Remix-Mashup-Album geworden:

Soul To Sole, is a kindred fusion of past and present. To say the least, Motown records echo some of the greatest musicians and instrumental arrangements in musical history. Quannum – originally known as Solesides – is a like minded collection of artists that came together to pool their ideas and energy into something prolific and independent in contemporary music.”

01. Intro = Joyo Velarde + Subsoniq Radio + Marvin Gaye
02. What The Quannum World Is Today = Quannum + The Temptations
03. Cruisin’ With Passion (feat. Rakaa) = Gift Of Gab + Smokey Robinson
04. You Can’t Hurry My Pad And My Pen = Gift Of Gab + The Supremes
05. Just The Best of My Imagination = Lateef The Truth Speaker + Gift Of Gab + The Temptations
06. No Shame On The Dance Floor (feat. Q-Tip) Lateef + The Spinners
07. Intermission 1 = Subsoniq Radio
08. Papa Put Your Back Into It = Quannum + The Temptations
09. Feel THIS Way = Gift Of Gab + Thelma Houston
10. Gift Of Gab Speaks (Interlude)
11. 2 Hip Hop Lovers 4 Ya Mind (feat. Motion Man) = Gift Of Gab + Mary Wells
12. Fortitude Dancing Machine (feat. Raashan Ahmad) = Gift Of Gab + Jackson 5
13. Intermission 2 = Subsoniq Radio
14. I Just Want to Celebrate Concentration (feat. Jurassic 5) = Gift Of Gab, Lateef, Lyrics Born + Rare Earth
15. I Heard A Party Through The Grapevine = Lateef + Marvin Gaye
16. I’ll Be There 4 The Call 2 Arms = Latyrx (Lyrics Born & Lateef) + Jackson 5
17. Lateef Speaks (Interlude)
18. Let’s Get It All In (feat. Pigeon John, Eligh & The Grouch) = Gift Of Gab + Marvin Gaye
19. Pushed Aside But Hanging On = Latyrx + The Supremes
20. Intermission 3 = Subsoniq Radio
21. Pearl Selector (feat. J-Live) = Lifesavas + Jackson 5
22. What’s Going On Diaries (feat. Mr. Lif) = ApSci + Marvin Gaye
23. Cold Call On Hold = Lyrics Born + Gift Of Gab + Joyo Velarde + Smokey Robinson & The Miracles
24. Got to Be an 8-Point Agenda = Latyrx + The Temptations
25. Outro = Subsoniq Radio + Marvin Gaye


The first lady of The Big Money Gang aka BMG KAMAIYAH hat nach ihrem grandiosen ersten Mixtape-Album „A Good Night In The Ghetto“   den Nachfolger “Before I Wake”   veröffentlicht, der meiner Meinung nach aber nicht an das Debüt rankommt.

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Kostenloses MashUp-/Remix-Album von David Begun, auf dem er die Fugees auf Bob-Marley-Songs rappen lässt.
Ganz nett gemacht, aber irgendwie springt der Funke bei mir nicht über. Wie gefällt es euch?

This newest mashup/remix album brings together the most prominent reggae artist with the hip-hop group known most for their reggae influence.
The collection takes various Fugees songs and remixes the lyrics with instrumentation from some of the most classic Bob Marley songs.
Featuring rearranged original recording tracks, this project blends the essence of Marley’s reggae sentiment with the strict hip-hop vibes from the Refugee camp.
David Begun


gefunden im Atomlabor

Amerigo Gazaway‘s neuestes Soul Mates Project widmet sich den lebenden Legenden Stevie Wonder und Common.

Und wie gewohnt ist es wieder ein herausragendes MashUp-Album geworden.

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“This is an age old story, of a man once a boy …”

Pünktlich zum heutigen Start der 7. Staffel gibt es von Tony K ein kostenloses MashUp-Album aus Drake-Songs und Game of Thrones-Soundtracks.
Zum kostenlosen Download geht es hier,
den kompletten Stream gibt es hier:

#WinterIsHere #GameofThrones #GoT #GoTS7

Erstes Album der spanischen Reggae-Sängerin Jennifer Paulos auf dem NetLabel Dubophonic.

Born in Ponferrada, Spain, the Hispano-Swiss-Portuguese artist has started releasing her first works back in 2010 with Hide Side on “Corrupzion in Zion” (2010) and since then she is moving only forwards. The collaborations with the local Spanish artist Dub Presidents, who produced her first album “The trial of the Self” (2010), as well as with Mystic Selectah (2012) from Madrid, were the starting point in her musical path. It was only a matter of time she would accomplish her international breakthrough through her collaborations with Izi Dub (FR) and Hi Fi Champion (CAN) in 2013.
Her first work on Dubophonic is called “Revolution” and consists of nine tracks of pure consciousness, among them a version of a classic Tappa Zukie tune. Sang in Spanish and English, she uses her warm voice as a trademark of her Mediterranean oriented sound spreading to all listeners the funky vibes of her soul. Alongside with her you can find some exclusive dubs by the Dub Presidents (ES), Svaha Sound System (UK), Mat DT Sound (FR) / Woody Vibes (FR) / Cloud of Vib’s (FR) & Mystic Selectah (SP), as well as a special bonus track by Dave Doma (ES). We say no more, just enjoy the vibes of Jennifer’s music and feel the consciousness of her lyrics.





Kollaboration zwischen dem jamaikanischen Sänger Ibel Campbell und Med Dred aus Zypern. Entstanden ist das Album via Internet: die Musik wurde auf Zypern komponiert und aufgenommen, die Vocals in Spanish Town auf Jamaica. Das ganze Projekt wiederum wurde in Med Dreds Studio in Nicosia (Zypern) zusammengefügt. Danach ging das Album wiederum digital ins Londoner Studio von Dub Caravan für das Dubbing und das finale Mastering. Schlussendlich wurde “Love fi life”  über das Netlabel Dubophonic als name-your-Price-Album veröffentlicht. Diese Mischung aus Roots Reggae mit reichlich Dub ist genau mein Ding!

One last word about the credits on this release: all music written, produced, mixed & mastered by Med Dred while all vocals written and performed by Ibel. Med Dred played melodica on the dubs and percussion on “Protect me”, Kyp Paraskeva played electric guitars on “Rise” and Felix Dub Caravan played guitars & bass on “Protect me”. Deepest respect to our bredren Felix Dub Caravan for providing us “Protection dub”, a live analogue dub cut of “Protect me”, which is included as a special bonus track.





Run The Jewels - #RTJ3 // full Album stream + free album download

Photo by Timothy Saccenti

Run The Jewels haben die Veröffentlichung ihres neuen Albums überraschend um drei Wochen vorgezogen. Somit ist „RTJ3“  ab sofort als Free Download auf sowie bei allen Download- und Streaming-Portalen erhältlich. Physisch erscheint das Album wie geplant am 20. Januar.

In einer Nachricht an ihre Fans äußerten sich Run The Jewels zu dieser ganz speziellen Überraschung:

„Fu*k it. We couldn’t help ourselves. It just feels right. After a crazy fu*king year and with a full tour about to set off we asked ourselves what we were waiting for… And we just couldn’t come up with a great answer. You’ve been with us since we started this thing and it’s made such a huge difference in our lives to have your energy and love. Thank you. So as a gift to all of you who have allowed us to continue to do what we love: RTJ3. We busted our asses on this one and we think we made something special this round. Grab it for free, buy it on any of the digital platforms you like or stream it. Physical copies will still be dropping in January as announced but until then: enjoy and we will see you on the road! With our love, Jaime and Mike.“




Josh Garrels verschenkt sein Christmas Album “The Light Came Down”  passend zu Weihnachten via Noisetrade!

“I’ve always loved Christmas music for its sacred content and the sense of mystery and “otherworldliness” it brings to the season. There’s also a nostalgic warmth I feel towards particular songs only dusted off once a year. For a long time I’ve been looking forward to making my own musical contribution to the treasure trove of beloved albums from Christmas past. This was my year to do so!”
~ Josh




The Jazz Jousters zollen dem legendären Jazzpianisten David Warren „Dave“ Brubeck (* 6. Dezember 1920 // † 5. Dezember 2012) Tribut:

Millennium Jazz Music is proud to present ‘Take 5.2 with Dave Brubeck’ by the Jazz Jousters collective as they break the eight month silence with this tribute to the great American Jazz pianist and composer, Dave Brubeck on his fourth memorial day – 6th December 1920 – 5th December 2012.

We put the word out to some of the usual suspects and also invited a few new beat heads to do one of our old skool style ‘lab off’ sessions, and we feel the group done a real fine job with what they each conjured up. Have a listen for yourself …




Der junge Ukulele-Spieler Jake Shimabukuro aus Honolulu ist ein Virtuose auf seinem Instrument und spielt eine Mischung aus Jazz, Fusion, Rock, Pop und Worldmusic. Und wenn er – wie in dem Track ‘Kilauea’  rockt wie einst Jimi Hendrix – versteht man, warum er als einer der besten Ukulelenspieler der Welt gilt.
Sein aktuelles Album ‘Nashville Sessions’  gibt es auf Noisetrade zum kostenlosen Download. Sollte man sich nicht entgehen lassen!


“My mom played, and I kept bugging her to teach me. So one day we sat down on the floor and she put her old Kamaka ukulele in my hands. I remember being so nervous. Then she showed me how to strum the strings and taught me my first chord. I fell in love with the ukulele immediately. From that day on, you had to pry the instrument away from me in order to get me to do anything else.”




Das Freiburger Breakbeat Duo CMC & Silenta verschenkt ihr 4 Jahre altes Album ‘Get It On Now’  via Soundcloud!


“Class A funk ‘n breaks shit from Germany, def check it out!” – Kraak&Smaak (Jalapeno Records)


„CMC&Silenta bring retro funk kicking and screaming into present times with there unique modern production!“ – Smoove (Wack / Acid Jazz)


„Yo your guys new album is awesome, my manager and I listened to it probably like 6 times in full on the way back from Burning Man… seriously great guys.“ – Stickybuds
(Ghetto Funk / Disco Cakes)



Letztes Jahr veröffentlichte der bis dahin unbekannte Dortmunder Rapper GoldRoger sein Mixtape RÄUBERLEITER. Da ich jetzt erst über dieses großartige Album/Mixtape gestolpert bin und morgen sein eigentliches Debütalbum AVRAKADAVRA  erscheint, muss ich euch noch schnell die RÄUBERLEITER vorstellen.

GoldRogers Texte sind autobiographisch aber frei von den Authentizitätdogmen, mit denen sich Rap manchmal selbst limitiert. GoldRoger zeigt: du kannst den “Powerrangerblues” haben und trotzdem Ansagen gegen “Neidische Nazis” machen. Du kannst Malcolm X und Camus zitieren und trotzdem Swag haben. Produziert haben u. a. Suff Daddy, den Dramadigs, Yourz, Cap Kendricks, Afromaniac, Bluestaeb, Enaka, Spexo, Robot Orchestra.

Ich feier das, wenn auch etwas verspätet und freu’ mich auf das morgige Release :)




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