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Der französische Sänger und Produzent Timsters hat sein neues Video zur aktuellen Single
‘I Need To Know’ veröffentlicht – ein weiterer Vorgeschmack auf seine Debüt EP, die Anfang nächsten Jahres erscheinen wird.

“Warped and wonderful, French producer Timsters oozes glossy, breezy pop in new, synth-fuelled offering “I Need To Know”
– The Line Of Best Fit




Copyright Paul Rousteau

Achtung Verwechslungsgefahr! Bei dieser Veröffentlichung handelt es sich nicht um ein Gute-Laune-Album, was der blaue Himmel suggerieren mag, und auch nicht um jamaikanischen Dancehall. Abgebildet ist nämlich ein Plattenbau der Pariser Banlieues und  The Blaze benutzen den Begriff Dancehall als Tribut an die Szene, die ursprünglich schon in den 1940er Jahren entstand:

“The dance hall was created from a desire to simply come together and party, at a time when the only way to listen to your favourite artist was to come together in such a way. This was a place where people lived, loved and danced. We’re always looking to highlight youth in our music videos. The way you act with your friends, and family, the way you share moments, this freedom.“
Guillaume Alric

Mit seinen bewegenden, emotionalen und komplett in Eigenregie realisierten Musikvideos zu Tracks wie ‘Territory’ hat das französische Produzenten-Duo Guillaume Alric und Jonathan Alric aka The Blaze im vergangenen Jahr weltweit für Furore gesorgt und gleich mehrere Preise abgeräumt.

Auf ihrem heute erschienenen Debütalbum „Dancehall“ erzählen sie sozialkritische Geschichten von Liebe, Freiheit und Lebensträumen, untermalt von melancholischer Electronica, was Erinnerungen an Bands wie Massive Attack weckt. Nicht nur ich mag das:

„The Blaze erzählen in ihren Songs die Geschichte derer, die schon lange in Europa eine Heimat haben und sich dennoch selten zu Hause fühlen dürfen. The Blaze machen höchst politische Musik, die auf keinem Dancefloor mehr fehlen darf.“

„Das Pariser Duo ist ein wunderbares Beispiel für die neue arabische Pop-Ästhetik: Junge Typen, die nach Ghetto aussehen, zärtlich, gütig, frei.”
(Süddeutsche Zeitung)



Flavien Berger aus Paris hat diese Woche einen neuen Song ‘Maddy la nuit’ zusammen mit einem passenden Video veröffentlicht. Nach ‘Brutalisme’ und ‘999999999’ ist das nun die dritte Single aus seinem kommenden zweiten Album “Contre-Temps” (VÖ: 28.09.2018).

“A man is in love with a hologram.
The hologram disappears in the light while the man lives by night.
He leaves a final message that explodes in mid-air,
disappearing into the sky and returning as a fragment.
A story of ephemeral light and perpetual desire.
Maddy the pyrotechnician gets the fire roaring.”
Flavien Berger



Am 19.09 wird Flavien auf dem Reeperbahn Festival in Hamburg
und am 20.09 in der Berghain Kantine in Berlin auftreten.




Sumeria – Dance And Leave It All Behind You (1977)
Produced by Alec R. Costandinos. He was the king of the eurodisco sound in the 1970’s. Born in Cairo an raised to France. His father was Armenian and his mother was Greek. He managed to get a contract as a producer on casablanca Records. Recorded at Studios Ferber in Paris.

Who’s Who – Palace Palace (1979)
Produced by Daniel Vangarde aka Daniel Bangalter (Father of Daft Punk member, Thomas Bangalter)

Crystal Grass With Kristi B. – Overture To Love Train / Love Train Theme / Believe In Magic (1978)
French Disco Project recorded and mixed at Studio Des Dames, Paris & Johanna Studio.

Alec R. Costandinos And The Syncophonic Orchestra – Romeo & Juliet (1978)
The master himself with a empic disco opera. Take from one of the best disco albums from europe.
Recorded at Trident Studios London.

Space – Magic Fly (1977)
Early space disco gem from the french group Space. This song wrote music history!
Composed by Ecama aka Didier Marouani and produced by Jean Philippe Iliesco.

Voyage – From East To West (1977)
French Disco Project with Marc Chantereau, Pierre Alain Dahan & Slim Pezin. Recorded at Studios Ferber Paris & mixed at Trident Studios London. This group is still a legend.

Cerrone – Supernature (1977)
Another legend born in france. Supernature was a electronic disco masterpiece and very progressive for 1977.

Candy Sylver – How Is Love (1977)
Aka Evelyne Courtois is another space disco production from france. Only released on 7inch and quite unknown.

Soraya – My Life (1978)
Produced by Bernard Torelli & Jean-Pierre Massiera and recorded at Studio Antibes situated at La Fontonne (between Nice and Antibes), in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, South-East France.

Tony Rallo And The Midnight Band – Burnin’ Alive (1979)
Another production by Alec R. Costandinos for Casablanca Records.

Phylicia Allen – Around The World (1978)
Produced by Jacques Morali. Well known as a producer for The Village People, The Ritchie Family,
Patrick Juvet and Evelyn Thomas. Born in Casablanca Morocco raised in France and late moved to America. Taken from the Lp “Josephine Superstar” This album is dedicate to the first black international star, Miss Josephine Baker.

Patrick Juvet – Où Sont Les Femmes? (1977)
Swiss born Patrick Juvet released 12 studio albums. Hard to believe – this one was produced by Jean-Michel Jarre :)

Droids – (Do You Have) The Force (1977)
Another excample of the typical space disco sound from the 70s. Produced by Fabrice Cuitad.
Right after seeing “Star Wars” for the first time, he decided to make a concept album out of it.

Love & Kisses – Accident Lover (1977)
This was the brainchild of Alec Costandinos. Produced, Composed and Written By – Alec R. Costandinos. Recorded at Trident Studios London.

Rockets – Space Rock (1977)

Space Disco from Paris & produced by Claude Lemoine.




They say that good things come in threes… it must be true and Favorite Recordings also proudly presents the third edition of its acclaimed French Disco Boogie Sounds compilation series.



1965 holte France Gall beim Eurovision Song Contest den Sieg für Luxemburg.

Mit ihrer Ella-Fitzgerald-Hommage „Ella, elle l’a“  wurde sie zwanzig Jahre später auch in Deutschland bekannt.

Gestern erlag die französische Sängerin ihrer Krebserkrankung. R.I.P.!


songs by Guts,Lautrec,Asagaya,Chinese Man,TaiwanMc,KDef,….



00:00 Les Nubians – Makeda
03:05 Vibe – Laisse moi
05:29 K-Reen & Shurik’n – Savoir dire non
08:52 Sade – The Sweetest Taboo
11:28 Les Nubians – Tabou ft The Roots
15:21 Afrodiziac – Trouve Moi Un Job
18:08 Poetes Hop Jazz – Rien qu’une fois
18:42 X-Clusives – Jalousie
24:27 Facteur X – Pom Pom Pom
25:07 Jmi Sissoko – Break Love
28:47 Mel Groove – Viens (Come to Party) ft Das Efx
31:43 Tribal Jam – Je te donne mon coeur
32:55 Vibe – D’nce booggie
37:16 K-Reen – Explique Moi Dis Moi
40:32 Matt – J’croyais En Toi (Featuring Le K Fear & Fredo)
42:33 Assia & Doc Gyneco – Mauvais Garcon
45:27 Hasheem – Sans repères (double h remix feat. Noxxious )
50:10 Corneille – Avec Classe (Remix) ft Busta flex
53:09 Ophélie Winter – Shâme On U
56:24 Jango Jack – Trop De Demeles
1:02:21 China – Presomptions
1:04:00 K-Reen – Souviens Toi feat Dany Dan
1:08:22 Pit Baccardi – Ghetto Ambianceur feat. Joe
1:10:44 Vibe – Tonight Is The Night Feat Mark Middleton




La playlist :

1 – Atlantis – Bounty Island – Bounty Island(2016)
2 – Vila Mariana (de tarde) – Azymuth – Fenix (2016)
3 – Get you home – Tuxedo – Tuxedo (2015)
4 – Girl feat. Kaytranada – The Internet – Ego Death (2015)
5 – Explosives – Potatohead People – Big Luxury (2015)
6 – Rose Quartz – Toro y Moi – Anything in Return (2013)
7 – 90 – Pompeya – Tropical (2013)
8 – You’re the One feat Syd – Kaytranada – 99,9% (2016)
9 – Am I Wrong – Anderson Paak – Malibu (2016)
10 – The trouble with us – Marcus Maar & Chet Faker – Work (2016)
11 – Wait for the moment – Vulfpeck – My First Car (2013)
12 – Chapel Perilous – Mild High Club – Skiptracing (2016)
13 – Real Love feat Angela McCluskey- Christian Rich – FW14 (2015)



La playlist :

Adam Makowicz – Drinking Song
Joe Pass – The Days Of Wine And Roses (interlude)
Otis Redding – Champagne and Wine
Screamin’ Jay Hawkins – Baptize Me In Wine
J.Nilovic – Buvons Tous Les Deux
Lalo Schifrin – Spill The Wine
James Brown – The Drunk
Sarah Vaughan – One Mint Julep
Gil Scott-Heron – The Bottle
Shigeru Suzuki – Brandy Wine
Serge Gainsbourg – Intoxicated Man
The Bongolian – Champagne And Pizza
High Society Brothers – Spill The Wine
KMD – Sweet Premium Wine
Annie Cordy – Six Roses
Robert Jay – Alcohol
3:6 Philly – Funky Alcohol
Perez Prado – Tequila
Dorothy Ashby – Drink (cut)
Ok Jazz – Si Tu Bois Beaucoup
Johnny Pate – Sangria
Darcelys – Un Ricard Bien Frais
Jacques Dutronc – J’ai Tout Lu, Tout Vu, Tout Bu


Mayer Hawthorne hat eine Coverversion Serge Gainsbourg’s ‘La Javanaise’  eingespielt:

“Legend has it that Miles Davis, after hearing Serge Gainsbourg play “La Javanaise”  on the piano, proclaimed it the most beautiful thing he’d ever heard. I’ve always appreciated Gainsbourg, both for his music and his fashion style (bonus: he was also Jewish). While writing “Man About Town” in Paris, I listened to this song a lot, and when I acquired my vintage Rhythm Ace drum machine, I recorded this cover to try out my new studio toy. Voila. (Sorry not sorry for my awful French pronunciation.) See you soon, Europe!”
Mayer Hawthorne




france fonk

In the 80’s, France was fonky, check out Adrien Pastor aka Alain Pastiche tape, with heavy digging in the (angel) dusty crates from this magic era, you won’t regret it
(>’-‘)> <(‘_'<) ^(‘_’)\- \m/(-_-)\m/ <( ‘-‘)> \_( .”)> <( ._.)-`


1- Albert Marcoeur Radio Intro
2- Mat Camisson “Monsieur Chang”
3- Cousin Brown “Artisan du Coeur”
4- David Appel “Feeling Fire”
5- Christophe Laurent “Nuits Brésiliennes”
6- Chantal “Bizet Come Back”
7- Raymonde et les Moutards “Y’en a Marre”
8- Micky Milan “Champion” Version Instrumentale
9- Mondino “La Danse des Mots”
10- Michel Fugain “Les Ailes Dans Le Dos”
11- Turbulent Blue “Tea For Two”
12- Max Berlin “You and I”
13- Idris Cheba “Si tu n’en veux pas je la Remet dans ma Culotte”
14- Serge Delisle “Germaine”
15- Brigit et Michot Dhin “Face To Face”
16- Bernard Guyvan “T’aurais dû te tirer”
17- Les Filles “A la Vanille”
18- Style “Playboy en Detresse”
19- Jeff Bruner “Non Non Non”
20- Kevin Morane “Breakdance”
21- Raoul Petite “Sable Fin, Cocotier (Bananaze)”
22- Gerard Vincent “Il y a Des Jours”
23- Chagrin d’Amour “Papa Scratch” Version instrumentale
24- Jean Schulteiss “Bébé Bop”
25- Niagara “Tchiki Boum”
26- Kim Harlow “Je Danse Pour Ne pas Pleurer”
27- Henri Salvador “On l’a Dans le Baba”



A sunny, laid back mix of french-only and vinyl-only tracks from Quebec, courtesy of Soirées Textures. Enjoy with a drink!