Großartiger neuer Song von Sampa The Great:

When making this song there was a conscious decision to highlight the balancing of the masculine and feminine aspects of all our energy.
Our perceptions of strength and weakness can be flawed and it’s important to re-evaluate and re-balance ourselves in this unbalanced world.
I feel honored to have worked with a talented crew, production team and director for the visual. We are all proud and talented creatives of colour trying to connect with each other across the globe. I’m glad we could.
Sampa The Great





1.Let Us Adore Him -John P. Kee & New Life
2.Hark the Herald Angels Sing – Mary Mary
3.Thank You for Your Child – Kirk Franklin & The Family
4.Joy to the World – James Hall
5.Reason for the Season – Daryl Coley
6.Do You Hear What I Hear – The Clark Sisters
7.The First Noel – Mary J. Blige fea. The Clark Sisters
8.Can You Hear the Angels – Virtue
9.Oh Come,All Ye Faithful – Byron Cage
10.Carol of the Bells – Donald Lawrence fea. The Tri -City Singers
11.Wise Men Still Seek Him – Mississippi Mass Choir
12.Christmas Joy – Keith Johnson & The Spiritual Voices
13.Hark – Israel & New Breed
14.12 Day of Christmas – Keith Johnson & Spiritual Voices
15.He Has Come – Geneen White
16.Go Tell It On the Mountain – Norman Hutchins
17.Total Praise – Richard Smallwood & Vision




Patrick Henderson – This Is Love (1982)
Bobby Jones And New Life – Close To You (1982)
Ron Henderson & Choice Of Colour – Gemini Lady (1983)
The Leslie Drayton Orchestra Feat. Barbara Morrison – You Ain’t Gonna Keep Me Blue (1986)
Jeffrey White & The Soul Stirring Crusade Choir – Free (1985)
Bill Moss And The Celestials – Lord I Thank You For My Miracle (1983)
California Flight Project – Got To Be Loved (1980)
Ronnie Sanders & Vicky Barbour – I Believe In Magic (1984)
Ira Watson – You Belong To Me (1982)
Marvin Swimpson – Too Hot To Handle (1985)
Enlightment – Burning Flame (1984)
Kingdom – Kings Kids (1987)
The Irvin Lee Project – Without Your Love (1987)
Tchukon – Too Late (1987)
First Love – Steal Away Love (1981)
Psalms – Take A Stand (1984)
Father’s Creations – Be Not Deceived (1983)
Derrick Brinkley – Glorious Day (1986)
Franchise – Understanding (1987)
Howard Neal And Friends – I Been Watchin’ You (1988)
Sorokas – It’s Going On (1986)




A “Made in Heaven” mix of rare black gospel gems from 1960-80
Chicago Travelers, Soul Lighters, Tones of Joy, Salem Travelers, Seven Brothers, Gospel Falcons, Soul Revivers, True Heart Consolers and more:





Sehr schöner 3teiliger Tribut über Van the Man
und seinen Caledonian Soul:

Van Morrison 1967 – 1977

1 Glad Tidings – (Moondance, 1972)
2 Jackie Wilson Said (I’m in Heaven When You Smile) – (Saint Dominic’s Preview, 1972)
3 Come Running – (Moondance, 1972)
4 Wild Night – (Tupelo Honey, 1971)
5 These Dreams of You – (Moondance, 1972)
6 Warm Love – ( Hard Nose The Highway, 1973)
7 Brown Eyed Girl – (Blowin’ Your Mind, 1967)
8 Gypsy – (Saint Dominic’s Preview, 1972)
9 The Way Young Lovers Do – (Astral Weeks, 1968)
10 I’ve Been Working – (His Band And The Street Choir, 1970)
11 When That Evening Sun Goes Down – (Tupelo Honey, 1971)
12 Spanish Rose – (Blowin’ Your Mind, 1967)
13 Moondance – (Moondance, 1972)
14 Domino – (His Band And The Street Choir, 1970)
15 Gypsy Queen – (His Band And The Street Choir, 1970)
16 Starting A New Life – (Tupelo Honey, 1971)
17 Who Was That Masked Man – (Veedon Fleece, 1974)
18 You Gotta Make It Through The World – (A Period Of Transition, 1977)
19 Redwood Tree – (Saint Dominic’s Preview, 1972)


Van Morrison 1978 – 1991

1 Full Force Gale – (Into The Music, 1979)
2 Star Of The County Down, with The Chieftains – (Irish Heartbeat,1988)
3 Celtic ray – (Beautiful Vision, 1982)
4 Haunts Of Ancient Peace – (Common One, 1980)
5 Dweller On The Threshold – (Beautiful Vision, 1982)
6 Quality Street – (Hymns To The Silence, 1991)
7 Lifetimes – (Wavelength, 1978)
8 Bright Side Of The Road – (Into The Music, 1979)
9 Ancient Of Days – (A Sense Of Wonder, 1985)
10 Inarticulate Speech Of The Heart No. 2 – (Inarticulate Speech Of The Heart, 1983)
11 Whenever God Shines His Light – (Avalon Sunset, 1989)
12 Hymns To The Silence – (Hymns To The Silence, 1991)
13 Oh the Warm Feeling – (No Guru, No Method, No Teacher, 1986)
14 Give Me My Rapture – (Poetic Champions Compose, 1987)
15 Real Real Gone – (Enlightenment, 1990)


Van Morrison 1995 – 2016

1 Evening Shadows – (Down the Road, 2002)
2 It Once Was My Life – (The Healing Game, 1997)
3 Once in a Blue Moon – (What’s Wrong With This Picture?, 2003)
4 The Lion This Time – (Magic Time, 2005)
5 Too Late – (Keep Me Singing, 2016)
6 Keep It Simple – (Keep It Simple, 2008)
7 High Summer – (Back on Top, 1999)
8 Days Like This – (Days Like This, 1995)
9 Steal My Heart Away – (Down the Road, 2002)
10 How Can a Poor Boy – (Keep It Simple, 2008)
11 Holy Guardian Angel – (Keep Me Singing, 2016)
12 Whatever Happened to PJ Proby? – (Down the Road, 2002)
13 New Biography – (Back on Top, 1999)
14 Little Village – (What’s Wrong With This Picture?, 2003)
15 End of the Land – (Keep It Simple, 2008)
16 You Can Count On Me (To Do My Part) – (Tell Me Something, 1996)





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Set List

“Love Will Find a Way”
“Trade It All”
“Send Me Sign”






A selection of rare gospel, reggae and jazz grooves mixed live from vinyl:
Ernie Ranglin, Gospel Voices of Soul, Windy City Four, J,C, Heard, Cal Tjader, Angels of Joy, Marijata, ……




Serpentwithfeet macht experimentellen R’n’B-Sound, der mit Bibelsymbolik und anderen konservativen Weltbildern kokettiert.
Dabei greift er stilistisch auch auf traditionelle Gospel zurück,
setzt aber genauso dekonstruktivistische Elektro-Elemente ein.
– musikexpress

KEXP.ORG presents serpentwithfeet performing live in the KEXP studio.
Recorded June 22, 2018.

bless ur heart
mourning song




Picture: 1983, The Gill Singers, Album: Thank You Lord, J&B Records, J &BLP 0048


01 Clarence Thomas – Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child
02 The Gigantic Overland Travelers – You‘ve Got To Obey
03 The Wondering Souls – Leave The Devil Alone
04 The Gospel Tones Of Grand Rapids, Mi – Don‘t Let The Devil Ride
05 Masonic Wonders – I Call Him
06 The Holy Lights Of Baltimore – Can‘t Let You Go Lord
07 The Rocks Of Harmony – He‘s On Time
08 The Gospel Persuaders – Greater Love
09 The Sensational Gospelaires – Want It Be Grand
10 Liz Dargan And The Gospelettes – Take A Look At Yourself
11 Brook Benton – I Dreamed Of A City Called Heaven
12 The Dynamic Golden Stars – Grandmama‘s Hands
13 Rance Allen Group – That Will Be Good Enough For Me
14 The Gill Singers – Fell In Love With God Again
15 Mavis Staples – In Christ There Is No East Or West




Der in Montreal als Sohn haitianischer Eltern geborene Multi-Instrumentalist Jowee Omicil bringt eine afro-haitianische Perspektive in den Jazz. Omicil spielt Saxofon, Flöte, Klarinette und Harmonika.

Sein zweites Album „Love Matters!“ auf dem Label JazzVillage lebt von der Freiheit des Jazz, der Spiritualität des Gospel und dem Groove des Soul. Er macht eine Musik für Körper und Geist, in der darüber hinaus HipHop sowie Folklore vorkommen und natürlich Einflüsse von Jazzgrößen, wie Charlie Parker, Ornette Coleman oder Wayne Shorter.

Jowee Omicils Devise lautet: Jazz möge wieder populär werden.

Ob ihm das mit „Love Matters!“ gelingt, könnt ihr hier nachhören:




GHETTS machte sich mit dem Aufkommen der ersten Grime-Welle in England einen Namen. Durch stetiges Schaffen erarbeitete sich der aus East London stammende Rapper den bis heute ungebrochenen Respekt anderer Künstler. Dank einer treuen Fanbase konnte er sich einen festen Platz in der englischen Musiklandschaft sichern. Das Vertrauen auf sein Talent und seine Kreativität ermöglichte es ihm eine von Trends unabhängige Laufbahn einzuschlagen.

Mit „Ghetto Gospel: The New Testament“ erschien nun sein bislang persönlichstes Album. Einerseits hat es nichts von der Dunkelheit und dem Wettbewerbsgedanken des Grassroots-Grime verloren, besticht gleichzeitig aber durch Komplexität, Raffinesse und Weisheit. Das Album ist visuell wie auch lyrisch eine Interpretation von Ghetts´ Leben, seiner Geschichte und unserer heutigen Zeit. Es handelt von Themen wie Gleichberechtigung, weiblicher Ermächtigung, Krebs, Kriminalität und Vaterschaft.