it has been YEARS since i heard this full high-quality bootleg recording of one of Max’s earliest live gigs, performed in 1997 at Paradiso, Amsterdam. it’s only 8 tracks long (roughly 42mins in length) but it showcases Max and his band’s knack for re-interpreting his own songs. there are some alterations made to some M standards here that i haven’t really heard anywhere else. not much is really known about this bootleg or how it even surfaced to begin with, alls i remember is chancing upon it i THINK from the Soulseek days. regardless, this should be a collector’s item for ANY avid Maxwellian fanatic.
VAHÉ K, Melbourne, Australia


a high-quality bootleg recording of one of MAXWELL’s earliest concerts:

01. The Urban Theme (2:25)
02. Welcome (4:49)
03. Dancewitme (5:50)
04. Lock You Up N’ Love Fa Days (4:30)
05. …Til The Cops Come Knockin’ (The Opus) (Pt. 1) (5:48)
06. …Til The Cops Come Knockin’ (The Opus) (Pt. 2) (7:45)
07. Ascension (Don’t Ever Wonder) (Pt. 1) (6:35)
08. Ascension (Don’t Ever Wonder) (Pt. 2) (4:50)


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Leroy Bonner, der Frontmann der Ohio Players, ist im Alter von 69 Jahren gestorben.

Rest in peace, brother !



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“The DJ’s name is Premier and I’m the GURU”

That’s how Guru introduced Gang Starr on “Step In The Arena”. It’s as simple as that, but the combination of those 2 individuals created some explosive chemistry and a lot of classic Hip-Hop. Guru passed away in 2010, but DJ Premier is definitely keeping the Gang Starr legacy alive. With this mix, I wanted to pay tribute to both of them, not only to Guru and not only to DJ Premier, but to Gang Starr as a group. One of my favorite groups in Hip-Hop that is. I included all of my personal favorite Gang Starr tracks and left out all of the solo projects (as the title says, it’s strictly G.A.N.G. to the STARR son!)

I gotta admit, as an 80’s baby discovering Hip-Hop in the 90’s, the “Moment Of Truth” album is my s**t! So I can’t deny its heavy influence on the mix, but trust me, there’s a lot of other stuff in there!

Want classics? Follow me.

Paul De Loecker


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G.A.N.G. to the STARR son (Gang Starr DJ Premier GURU Tribute Mix) by Paul De Loecker on Mixcloud