An all Vinly Mix of midtempo Disco:
– Black Booby „Hot Scotch“ BB-02
–  Watson  „Get It On“  RR-004
–  Millie Jackson  „Somethin‘ Bout You (78 Edits)“  Glenview records
–  Satin Jackets  „The Hustle“  Whiskey Disco
–  DJ Steef  „Biomix Edits Vol. 1 / B1“ BIOMIX01
–  The Noodleman  „Wait For It“  Seven Black
– Kastil  „McGeever“ Outernational
– The Legendary 1979 Orchestra  „Treating Me“  Get Down Edits
– Osmose  „Al Knows Whats Up / Edits With Love“ Smokecloud records
–  78 Edits  „Can’t Have My Love“  Legendary Sound Research
–  Kira Neris & Remiribe  „Peaches And Cream“  Disques Superfriends


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