LATE NIGHT DREAM presents Doctor Soul Pre-Treatment to Soul Therapy (Special 2018 #Valentine Edition) 💘Tracklisting :

1/ Brian Bennet “Thug”
2/ Odyssey “Don’t Tell Me Tell Her” (Superbreak Edit)
3/ D’Sound “Boyfriend”
4/ Ron Matlock “I Can’t Forget About You”
5/ The Groovers Vs. Dionne Warwick “Where You Belong”
6/ Incognito “Craziest High” Featuring Bluey
7/ Jim Schmidt “Love Has Taken It All Away”
8/ René & Angela “Imaginary Playmates”
9/ “Tonight’s The Night” (D0CT0RS0UL 2018 The Mood Is right Re – Therapy) EXCLUSIVE WORLD PREMIERE
10/ Bobby Womack “The Bravest Man” (Jim Sharp Edit)
11/ Vanilla “Keep On”
12/ Maysa Leak “Mirrors”
13/ Bennson “Incredible”
14/ PREVIEW “Golden Girl” (D0CT0RS0UL Keep On Smiling Re – Therapy) Snippet #1 EXCLUSIVE WORLD PREMIERE
15/ Debarge “Stay With Me”
16/ Miles Jaye “Let’s Start Love Over” Featuring Roy Ayers
17/ Cerrone “Your Love Survived”
18/ Johnny Guitar Watson “Superman Lover” (The Reflex Revision)
19/ Miguel Migs “The One”
20/ Monet “U Told me”
21/ “I Know Your Eyes In The Morning Sun” (D0CT0RS0UL Valentine Re – Therapy) EXCLUSIVE WORLD PREMIERE




01.Syd Dale : “Emotional Motion 2”
02.Nancy Holloway : “Sand and Rain”
03.Randy Goodrum : “We’re So Close”
04.The Floacist : “This Love”
05.Poom : “Qui Es Tu ?”
06.Rufus feat. Chaka Khan : “Heaven Bound”
07.”If You Should Sail” (D0CT0RS0UL Gonna Stow Away Re -Therapy) EXCLUSIVE WORLD PREMIERE – Please buy it on BANDCAMP
08.Zalon : “Declaration Of Love”
09.Michael McDonald : “I Keep Forgettin’” (DJ S Bootleg Extended Bonus Beat Remix)
10.America : “Tin Man” (Digital Visions Re-Edit)
11.5 Reasons : “Love Signs & Triangles”
12.Sweetback feat. Amel Larrieux : “You Will Rise” (Bone Idol Mix)
13.T-Bow : “The One”
14.Steely Dan : ‘What A Shame”
15.Steely Dan : “Peg” (t’s Your Favorite Foreign Movie – Fingerman’s VIP AOR Edit)
16.Jim Photoglo : “Steal Away” (Mr Leight Edit)
17.”Gettin’ High” (D0CT0RS0UL No Smoking’ But Drinkin Re – Therapy)
18.Fleetwood Mac : “Dreams” (Chris Shennan’s Edit)
19.Donald Fagen : “I.G.Y.” (Free Lovebirds Beautiful Rework)
20.Rosie Vela : “Magic Smile” (D0CT0RS0UL Just Like A Hollywood Child 2018 Re – Therapy)
21.Michael McDonald : “Yah Mo Be There” (Nude Disco & Curtis Chip Never B Lonely
Bonus Track :
22.”It Keeps U Ruining” (D0CT0RS0UL Here I Can Feel Your Heartbeat 2018 Re – Therapy)



Jerry Jones, an American singer part of the Philly soul group Brenda and the Tabulations did a rare Studio One album released in 1971 that documents the permeable boundary between American and Jamaican music in the late 1960’s.
“Compared to What?” suggests the strength of the musical tributaries linking hip hop, jazz funk, soul and Jamaican music of all kinds.
This retreat is done with respect to the original by RocknRolla Soundsystem and Joris Vos.




01 A Mountain Of One – Can’t Be Serious (feat. Martina Topley-Bird)
02 Mr Absolutt – Super Sativa
03 Jean Claude Gavri – Phantasy (A Bongo Journey)
04 Toby Neal – Melon Cut
05 Younger Brother – Evil and Harm
06 Soirée – Day To Day Life
07 Wings – Let’Em In (Professor LaCroix Re-edit for Farmer)
08 Soft Rocks – Mirador De Las Estrellas (Mudd s Murgi Morisa Remix)
09 Vincenzo And Rivera – Tu Estas Fatal (Never Kiss Me Again)
10 Blend Mishkin – Seasons
11 The Solsonics · Blood Brother (Latin Dub)
12 Vibes Ahead Alliance – Psycho Vibes
13 Benjamin Herman – Ketama
14 Mushrooms Project – Rivea Corymbosa
15 Yellow Moon Band – Polaris (The Time And Space Machine Mix)
16 Super Value – Super Soul (5)



Sixto Rodríguez is an American folk musician from Detroit. His career initially proved short-lived with two little-sold albums in the early 1970s. Unbeknownst to him, however, his work became extremely successful and influential in South Africa, although there he was mistakenly rumoured to have committed suicide. The full story is reflected in the 2012 Oscar winning documentary: Searching for Sugarman.
This retreat is done with respect to the original by RocknRolla Soundsystem and Joris Vos




01 Tim Buckley – Sweet Surrender (Dgfe)
02 James Rod – Mr Postman (7K Rework)
03 Belabouche – Here Comes
04 Freakniks – Slow Roll ’77
05 Ceasefire – Trickshot (Puerto Rico Demo)
06 Pleasure – Joyous (Merlot’s Rough edit)
07 Grace Jones – Pull Up To The Bumper (discomofo Rework)
08 Rigopolar – Need You
09 Dr. Packer – Samba (Fingerman Block Party Disco Dub)
10 Moon Rocket – 33Rd St. Funk
11 Junktion – Prologue
12 Alfonso – Take Me Higher





Art Of Tones – Can’t Turn You Loose
Daco – Saving Grace
Khidja – Never Seen The Dunes (Discodromo Remix)
Seamus Haji & Re-Loved – I Need A Little More (Yam Who Rework)
Anthony Mansfield, Sneak-E Pete, Corsican Brothers – Buena Vista
Elizabeth Collective – Clapping On Machu Picchu
Hoffmannstrasse – Sole
KNG Edits – You Know The Vibe
RocknRolla Soundsystem – Thank You (Cosmic Funk Mix)
Susso – Ansumana
The Broker – Nigth Groove
Fingerman – Get Down 2Nite (Fingerman’s VIP Re-Edit)



01 Nick Bike – Kool Shot
02 FabioLous Barker – NightGrooving
03 Ed Wizard & Disco Double Dee – Down With the Grooove
04 Fred Wisle – House Body (JAMES ROD Rework)
05 Closed Paradise – Your Love I’m Gonna Take
06 Cole Medina – Land Of Hunger (Cole’s Fierce Mix)
07 Monika – Secret In The Dark (The Juan MacLean Edit)
08 King King B – Philly Vanilli Is My Big Love (Philly Vanillis Big Time Rework)
09 The Reflex – Just Don’t Mean A Thing (The Reflex Revision)
10 Billy Bird – LOST (V’s 2014 Edit Bonus Track)
11 Minimal Impossible – Timebomb
12 Frank Agrario – Medicine Man (Richard Rossa Remix)



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