I’m proud to present you my collaboration with the singer, guitarist, songwriter, Alexandra Miller. Alexandra is half Irish and half French. We both are fan of soul music. This Childish Gambino’s genius song was in loop in my Ipod for months, and every time I was listening to it, I was thinking about Alexandra should sing it.
She is also very influenced by her Irish origin with artists like Sinead O’Connor, Kate bush…
As producer I tried to catch those both influences, mix them to musically express what she is really.
When you listen some Irish/Celtic music in details with their atmospheric pad, celtic scale, bodhràn percussions, you can find some very close similitude with soul music. Both touch your soul, in a deep way with a real authentic way to perform a song, with no artifice.”



Wurde im MOJO Magazin #215 im Oktober 2011 als kostenlose CD-Beilage veröffentlicht:

On front: Return To The Dark Side Of The Moon: Mojo Proudly Presents Pink Floyd’s Classic 1973 Album Re-Imagined.

On back: Wish You Were Here Again: Mojo Proudly Presents Pink Floyd’s Classic 1975 Album Re-Booted.



MOJO presents: Dark Side of the Moon and Wish You Were Here (full stream)


Der geheimnisvolle $omeone (Who am I? I am $omeone) mit einem ziemlich genialen Remix von Adele’s aktuellem Hit Hello: