CLIFFORD SCOTT/BILLY BUTLER cover, originally a 1958 hit by Bill Doggett

Die Paris DJs haben eine neue Podcast-Reihe mit Cover-Songs gestartet. Pro Veröffentlichungs-Jahr gibt es einen Podcast, beginnend mit 1960, dann 1961, 1962 usw.
Stellvertretend für diese Reihe präsentiere ich euch den 1961er Podcast, das dies mein Geburtsjahr ist :)

Nick Waterhouse - Full Performance (Live on KEXP)

KEXP presents Nick Waterhouse performing live in the KEXP studio. Recorded March 11, 2014.

Dead Room
High Tiding
Sleeping Pills

Artwork by Mike Mitchell -

Artwork by Mike Mitchell –

My mixed-up shout-out to Breaking Bad as it heads towards its finale, with a particular nod in the direction of the show’s composer Dave Porter and its musical supervisor Thomas Golubic. And to show creator Vince Gilligan of course for “Crystal Blue Persuasion” – top selection!
Had a lot of fun putting this one together and it includes my ultimate pick if I were scoring a “cook” montage (the opener by Tortilla Factory) a guess at a song that might feature before the series ends (Joni Mitchell’s “Blue”) and a track by Ennio Morricone about “War, Peace, and Barbecued Chicken.” Salud! Mark Wayward



Exzellentes Mixtape Special von Patchworks (Mr President, Uptown Funk Empire, Mr  Day, Hawa, etc…) für Favorite Recordings:


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“Soul ‘N’ Rock Mix” by Patchworks aka Mr President by Favoriterecordings on Mixcloud