#TheMaytals – Treat me bad
#TheHeptones – I’m your man
#JohnnyLover & #PeterTosh – Heathen’s rage
#EricDolnadson – The Price
#KingTubby & #AugustusPablo – The Specialist In Dub
#DonCarlos – Live in harmony
#FreddyMcKay – Running over
#AlCampbell – Unfaithful children
#LeroySmart – Don’t trust them
#JohnnyOsbourne – Give a little love
#TwinklwBrothers – Battlefield
#TheViceroys – Can’t stop us now
#YamiBolo – Jah Word Order
#MartinCampbell – Talkin’ taken over
#BlackSymbol – Mother Of Creation
#PrinceAlla – Pillar of Salt
#PrinceAlla – Pillar of Dub (Version)





Kompozyt – Aural Sunshine Dub
Dubkasm – Tarzan The High Priest
Dubkasm – Shady Grove
Dubkasm – Black Door
Dubkasm – Malaap Dub
Jah Schulz meets Joseph Lalibela – Praise H.I.M.
Jah Schulz meets Joseph Lalibela – Praise Dub
Jah Schulz meets Joseph Lalibela – Praise H.I.M. (Livity Ites Dub)
Versa – Planting
Versa – Seed
Nai-Jah – Overcome
Nai-Jah – Overdub (Alpha Steppa Dub)
Blood Shanti – Mama
Blood Shanti – Dub Mama
Jah Stitch – Give Jah The Glory
The Aggrovators – Glory Dub
Horace Andy – Money Money
Jah Stitch – Ragga Muffin Style
Jah Stitch – Cool Down Youthman
Tappa Zukie – Cool This Dub
Twinkle Brothers – Bun Dem Constitution
Twinkle Brothers – Dub
Kibir La Amlak feat Iber Jose Gomez – Mother Of Song (Marimba)
Kibir La Amlak – Queen Marimba (Dub)
Ossia – Dub Hell
Ossia – Hell Version
Ossia – Devil‘s Dance
Purl – Cellar Door (Stray Theories Remix)
Purl – Slow Poem
J-Path & Smiley Song – Truth & Dub
Midnight Ravers – Mind Is Confused










Incl Hits like…
The Royals – Pick Up The Pieces
Alton Ellis – Breaking Up Is Hard To Do
Sound Dimension – Full Up
Dennis Walks – The Drifter
Don Drummond – Heavenless
Keith And Tex – Tonight
Tommy Mc Cook – Tunnel One
John Holt – Ali Baba
Ken Parker – I can’t hide
Conscious Minds – Africa Is Paradise
Phyllis Dillon – Living In Love
and many more…








Ausgabe #23 des Global Reggae Charts Magazins ist da!

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In der Global Reggae Charts Spotify Playlist gibt es monatlich
die Top 20 Singles auf die Ohren:





01 Gracie Bassie (ft. Mykal Rose) – One Draw
02 Hempress Sativa – Ooh La La La (The Weed Thing)
03 Green Lion Crew – Ganja Field Dub
04 Mikey General & Mr. Williamz – Ganja Morning
05 Alborosie (ft. Sugus) – Fly 420
06 New Kingston – A Likkle Bit Ah Herb
07 Morgan Heritage – Dem Man Deh
08 Linval Thompson – Ganja Man
09 Eek A Mouse – Ganja Smuggling (Disco Tech Edit)
10 Barrington Levy & Beenie Man – Under Mi Sensi (’94 Spliff)
11 Ponchita Peligros – Weed Combination
12 Tony Curtis – Weed Dream
13 King Jammy & King Tubby – King Tubby’s Dub Plate Style
14 Collie Buddz – Ganja Pipe
15 Mello Banton & Roommate (ft. Dubiterian) – Highest Grade
16 Recruit – Get That Weed
17 All B – The Herb
18 Dub Troubles – Dub Di Herb
19 Daddy Shark – Herb Afe Bun
20 Sizzla – Smoke My Herbz
21 Earl Anthony – Sensi Man Rock
22 Trilion (ft. General G) – No Nicotine
23 S’Kaya – Ganja Smuggler [TGT Dubplate]
24 Conscious Sounds – Ganga Dub
25 Soom T – Boom Shiva
26 Soom T – Puff The Police
27 Dignitary Stylish – Move Along [TGT Dubplate]
28 Jigsy King – Gimme The Weed (Nouty Bwoy Remix)
29 Sotto Bless – Sticky
30 Chopstick Dubplate (ft. Cheshire Cat) – Just The Herbs (Aries & Murda Remix)
31 Khemistry – Ganja Cheerleader (OMI Refix)
32 The Upsetters – Kaya Skank
33 Lou Reed vs Bob Marley – Walk On The Kaya Side (DCMJr Mashup)




Artwork by GOOSENSEI





La Granja Orchestra “There Must Be A Change (Extended Guitar Mix)”
Natural High Dubs meets Marcus I “Step By Step”
Natural High Dubs meets Marcus I “Step By Step DUB”
Pilah ft Joe Pilgrim & IvanJah “Long Night”
Dub Shepherds “Fever (Extended Mix ft IvanJah)”
Antibypass “Bat Cave Nr. 13”
Babe Roots “Be Still”
Another Channel “Don’t Believe”
Babe Roots “Peace Love Unity feat Baba Ras”
Babe Roots “Jah Nuh Dead feat Stephanie Wright”
Another Channel “Run (Babe Roots Remix)”
J Path – Threshing Ground (Trigram 1)
J-Path – Threshing Ground (Alpha Steppa Remix, Trigram 1)
Alpha Steppa – Shaka Satori (Trigram 3)
JahYu – To The End Of The Earth And Sea (Trigram 5)
JahYu – Chuno Kinte (Trigram 2)
Alpha Steppa – Ancestral Memory (Trigram 5)
Alpha Steppa – Fire Key (Trigram 3)
Alpha Steppa – Fire Key [Returns] (Digital Bonus Trigram 3)Zentash Gigawatt – Lost In The Jungle (Trigram 4)
Zentash Gigawatt – Found In The Desert (Trigram 4)
Alpha Steppa – Ro Heath (Trigram 6)
Spiritual Rockers – Fireland Dub (Trigram 7)
Alpha Steppa – Nkosi Yamakhosi (Trigram 8)
Alpha Steppa – Yamakhosi Dub (Trigram 8)
T-Jah & Kuriooki “Pantherkatze”
Babe Roots “Bless Me feat Baba Ras”
Babe Roots Sweet Reggae Music ft Baba Ras”
Babe Roots “Sweet Version”