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Some bullshit happened in my hometown …
This is dubwise against this bullshit.
Dubwiseradio Chemnitz


Prince Douglas „March Down Babylon“ –
Pupa Sock & T-Jah „Ick bin Keen Nazi, Aba…“ –
T-Jah „Koto Dub“ –
Junior Brown „Disaster (Disciples Remix)“ –
Micheal Rose „World Crisis“ –
The Upsetter Revue ft. Heptones, The Congoes & Jr Murvin „Play On Mr Music“ –
Junior Dan „Look Out For The Devil“ –
Barry Brown „Stop Them Jah“ –
„Version“ –
The Inturns „Nothing Is Impossible“ –
Big Youth „Political Confusion“ –
„Version“ –
Martin Campbell & The Hi Tech Roots Dynamics „Wicked Rule (1997 Mix)“ –
Martin Campbell & The Hi Tech Roots Dynamics „Wicked Rule Vs (1997 Mix)“ –
Prince David / Moa Anbesser „Evil Fi Burn“ –
Ojah „Wisdom“ –
Roots Raid meets Ondubground –
Fleck & Blue Hill „Takes Dub“ –
Bass Crafters ft. Shanti D. „We Give The People What They Need“ –
Dubdadda „Give Love“ –
Dubdadda „Give Dub“ –
Seahorse „Flat Faced“ –
Seahorse „Tiger Tail“ –
Seahorse „Duppy“ –
Pupa Sock & T-Jah „Ick Bin Ja Keen Nazi, Aba…“ –
Willi Williams & Cousin Marshall „Rocking Universially (Alternative Mix)“ –
Zion Train „Can’t Keep A Good Man Down“







1. Bukkha & Dubbing Sun – Stop Dem (Forthcoming)
2. Bukkha & Madplate Sound ft. Junior Dread – Nada A Perder (Halcyonic and G Roots Dubplate)
3. Modi Bardo – Country Livin‘ (Bukkha Remix) (Forthcoming)
4. Bukkha ft. Don Fe – War Flute Cut 2 (Dubplate)
5. Bukkha ft. Don Fe – War Flute Cut 3 (Dubplate)
6. Jerry Lionz – Fasimba Skank (Tribe 84 Dubplate)
7. Jerry Lionz – 84 Skank (Tribe 84 Dubplate)
8. Don Fe ft. Bunnington Judah – Glorious Dub (Dubplate)
9. Mr. Zèbre ft. Lisa Dainjah – Tell Myself (Forthcoming Pure Niceness)
10. Bukkha – Triumph Horns (Forthcoming)
11. Bukkha – Triumph Dub (Forthcoming)
12. Blue Hill – Version Excursion (Forthcoming Moonshine)
13. Bukkha ft. Don Fe – Righteous Path (Forthcoming)
14. Bukkha ft. Don Fe – Righteous Dub Cut 3 (Dubplate)
15. Bukkha ft. Mowty Mahlyka – Give Dem Di Fire (Forthcoming)
16. Bukkha – Give Dem Di Dub (Forthcoming)
17. Bukkha & Dubbing Sun – Disk Jockey (Forthcoming)
18. Preacha ft. Rider Shafique – Chasing Dreams (Forthcoming)
19. Bukkha ft. Blackout JA – Rise of the Beast (Forthcoming)
20. Teffa & Breeze – Scientist (Dubplate)
21. Bukkha – Sekkle Tune (Dubplate)
22. Numa Crew – Tuff (Forthcoming Moonshine)
23. Gaze-Ill & Bukkha – Stems Dub (Forthcoming)
24. Bukkha ft. Halcyonic – What’s In A Dub? (Forthcoming)
25. Bukkha ft. Killa P – Badda Den Dem (Forthcoming)
26. Dubbing Sun & Bukkha – Demma Sleep (Dubplate)
27. Another Channel – Amir Dub (Forthcoming Moonshine)


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REGGAE ROAST PODCAST VOLUME 39: Adam Prescott's Rocksteady Roast + RR Crew Showcase hosted by Earl Gateshead



Riddim Magazine Dubplate Mix 2018 by Sentinel Sound




Asadenaki – Living
Turbulence – Haile-Far-I
Teflon – Nuh Weh
Jah Mason – Jah Children
Sizzla – Time to Wake Up
Pressure – Roun Yah
Hempress Sativa – Boom (Wah da da Deng)
Chronixx – Roots & Chalice
Pressure – Sensi
Capleton – Weed Man
Kabaka Pyramid – Friends Like Those
Dre Island – Let Jah Be Praised
Pressure – Reset & Restore
Busy Signal – Hold A Medi
Koffe – Burning
Luciano – Jah wind
Gappy Ranks – Longtime
Laurent Masta – Forward Dub
Popcaan – Where We Come From (Remix)
I-Octane – Where Di Fire Gone
Chris Martin & Cutty Ranks – Love Jah
Mavado – Father God
Dre Island (ft Popcaan) – We Pray
Gappy Ranks – When I Grow Up
Dre Island – Just Wanna Be Free
Popcaan – Family
Busy Signal – One Way
Chronixx – Likes
Kabaka Pyramid – Nuh Hype
Bugle – Morals
Keznamdi – Nuh Skylarking
Kabaka Pyramid – My Time
I-Wayne – Fire Burning
Jameik King – Carve The Streets
Pressure – Guidance Again




Dubwise #245 🔊🔊🔊 #dubwiseradio 🔊🔊🔊 free podcast


Linton Kwesi Johnson „Bass Culture“
Carlton Patterson & King Tubby „King At The Controls“
Carlton Patterson & King Tubby „Weatherman Style“
King Tubby’s „King Of The Arena Dub“
Barry Brown „Let Go Jah Jah Children“
King Tubby „Leggo Jah Jah Children Dubplate“
Jacob Miller „Keep On Knocking“
King Tubby „Knocking Version“
Johnny Clarke „I Don’t Want To Be A Rudeboy (Original Tubby’s Mix)“
King Tubby „Tubby’s Dub Song“
King Tubby „Tubby’s Dub Song (Dub Mix 2)“
Aggrovators & Pablo „Rockers Style“
King Tubby „Rockers Style Dubplate“
Prince Jammy „The Crowning Of Prince Jammy“
Augustus Pablo „Pablo In Moonlight City (Discomix by Prince Jammy)“
Dennis Brown „Slave Driver“
Ranking Joe „Slave Driver Catch A Fire“
Prince Jammy „Throne Of Blood“
Sugar Minott „Give The People What They Want“
Prince Jammy „Brothers Of The Blade“
Wayne Smith „Time Is A Moment In Space“
Prince Jammy „Life Is A Moment In Space“
Barrington Levy „Collie Weed“
Scientist „My Ladys Dub“
Barry Brown „Love Is What The World Wants“
The Viceroys „Time Is Important“
Scientist „S.O.S.“
Scientist & King Jammy „Reconnaisance“
Scientist „East Of Scientist Corner“
Wailing Souls „What A Feeling“
Scientist „Voodoo Curse“
Scientist „Revolution Dub (Hempress Sativa in Dub)“




1. Rootz Underground – Bingi Intro (Beating Heart Riddim)*
2. Rootz Underground – Unknown Soldier (Children Of Dub Riddim)*
3. Rootz Underground – Enlighten Me (Mash Down Dub Riddim) *
4. Rootz Underground – Raging Bull (Icicle Riddim)
5. Feco – Disrespect Nah Work (Icicle Riddim)
6. Rootz Underground – Dem Pree Me (Pree Me Riddim)**
7. Rootz Underground – Rocket Medley (Jah Send Mi Come Riddim)
8. Ras Professor – Soundboy Medley (Jah Send Mi Come Riddim)
9. Glen Washington – Weeping & Wailing (Jah Send Mi Come Riddim)
10. Busy Signal – One More Night (Jah Send Mi Come Riddim)
11. Sizzla – Mek Dem Secure (Hot This Year Riddim)
12. Norris Man – Zion (Hot This Year Riddim)
13. Anthony B – Nah Go Surrender (Hot This Year Riddim)
14. Rootz Underground – Streets (Hot This Year Riddim)
15. Rootz Underground – Jah Love (Cabbin Stabbin Riddim)
16. Anthony Red Rose – Tempo (Cabbin Stabbin Riddim)
17. Bounty Killer – Lodge (Cabbin Stabbin Riddim)
18. Rootz Underground – Rastaman Experience (Answer Riddim)
19. Capleton – Tour (Answer Riddim)
20. Buju Banton – Love Sponge (Answer Riddim)
21. Rootz Underground – Modern Day Jericho (Fever Riddim)
22. Feco – Superstar (Fever Riddim)
23. Skilli Bangs – Protect Me Jah (Fever Riddim)
24. Assassin – Bad Mind People (Fever Riddim)
25. Busy Signal – Night Shift (Fever Riddim)
26. Busy Signal – Government Gone Lu (Boops Riddim)
27. Chronixx – Start A Fya (Boops Riddim)
28. Rootz Underground – Searching (Boops Riddim)
29. Rootz Underground – History (Darker Shade Of Black Riddim)
30. Kharri Kill – Show Then A Picture Of Selassie (Darker Shade Of Black Riddim)
31. Mr. Vegas – Lean With It (Darker Shade Of Black Riddim)
32. Gappy Ranks – Happiest Day (Vanity Riddim)
33. Rootz Underground – Marching On (Vanity Riddim)
34. Keida – Solomonic Man (Vanity Riddim)
35. Sugar Minnott – Oh DC (Vanity Riddim)
36. Rootz Underground – Power To The People (No Vacancy Riddim)
37. Gardian – Mi Deh Ya Town (No Vacancy Riddim)
38. Lion Fyah – Jah Everyday (No Vacancy Riddim)
39. Ras Professor – Gideon Chant (Third World/Easy Tek It Easy)
40. Sister Nancy – Easy (Third World/Easy Tek It Easy Riddim)
41. Feco – Go Harder (Third World/Easy Tek It Easy Riddim)
42. Lexxus – Frienemy (Third World/Easy Tek It Easy Riddim)
43. Rootz Underground – Medley (Third World/Easy Tek It Easy Riddim)
44. Rootz underground – Fly Away (Rudie Riddim)
45. Carlton Livingston – Rudie (Rudie Riddim)
46. Sizzla – I’m With The Girls (Rudie Riddim)
47. Rootz Underground – Fly Away Outro (Rudie Riddim)

* original Solomonic Sound production
** original Rob Paine + Kenny Meez production





1. Scientist – Dub Livity (Blood & Fire)
2. Quantum Soul – Once And For All (Pressed Rec.)
3. BunZer0 – Liberation (Digid & Dubbing Sun Remix) (Pressed Rec.)
4. Dubbing Sun ft. Mowty Mahlyka – Righteous Works (WhoDemSound)
5. Kahn – Dread (Gorgon Sound Version) (Deep Medi)
6. V.I.V.E.K. ft. Dego Ranking – One Heart (free)
7. Dutchie – Easy (Halcyonic Remix) (Hold Tight Rec.)
8. Elefant Doc – Pon’ na Dub (Pressed Rec.)
9. Egoless – Before Dub (LoDubs)
10. J. Robinson – Lazy Dub (WhoDemSound)
11. Numa Crew – Dub Searcher (Moonshine Rec.)
12. Elefant Doc & Dillard – Watchtower Dub (Dub)
13. Akcept – Might of the Trinity (Artikal UK)
14. Elefant Doc & Dillard – Way of Living (Quantum Soul Remix) (Pressed Rec.)
15. Horace Andy – Seek And You Will Find (Ziplokk Version) (Dub)
16. Pugilist – Chalice Riddim (FatKidOnFire)
17. L.A.S. – Need Fire (Innamind Rec.)
18. ??? (Dub)
19. Chad Dubz – Wisdom (Sub Audio Rec.)
20. Rebel MC – Banana Boat Man (Congo Natty)








Live recording from Bassmaessage Session 23.04.2018 in Connewitz, Leipzig.

Selection: Dubby T. (basscomesaveme)
On Microphone: Dressla (Jahtari) and Tonto Addi (Full Up)
FX: Toni Wobble (Plug Dub)

powered by Sunplugged Soundsystem (12V Solar Soundsystem)








T-Jah „Dub & Shine Riddim“
Bim Sherman „Happiness“
Yabby Youth „DJ Hit Song“
Hensley Morris & Phil Pratt „Little Things“
The Frightnrs „All My Tears“
The Frightnrs „All My Tears Version“
Augustus Pablo „River Nile Version“
Leroy Wallace „Far Beyond“
Bongo Pat „Young Generation“
Pablo All Stars „New Style“
Reckless Breed „Basement Scrub“
Dub Shepherds „Downtown Trouble“
Ivan Jah „A True Story“
Art-X „Double Trouble“
Jahno „Humble Dub“
The Process feat. Little Axe, Ghetto Priest & Lee „Scratch“ Perry „Return The Treasures“
The Process „Treasures Dub (Adrian Sherwood Mix)“
Sunday Steppers ft. Mari K. „I Choose To Smile And Dub“
Sunday Steppers „We Choose To Dub & Smile“
Sir Larsi I „Forever Dub Flash“
Sir Larsi I „Dub Flash Forever“
Hairl „Natural Stepper“
Hairl „Natural Dub“
Hairl „Earth Vibration“
T-Jah „Earth Vibration (e-o-t-f-collective remix)“
The Frightnrs „Till Then“
The Frightnrs „Till Then Version“
Techniques In Dub „Man Of My Word“
Thommy McCook & The Supersonics „Tracking Dub“
Mighty Diamonds „Play On Jah Music“





Monyaka – Rocking Time
Monyaka – Rocking Time Version
Roland Alphonso – Ego Trip
Jah Berry – Daily News
Phase One All Stars – Version
Ranking Caretaker – No Dash It Way (extended)
Mighty Threes – Sata (extended)
Penny Rasta – Fuzzin In Di Town Dub
Ojah feat. Nik Torp – Fear Not Dub
Alpha & Omega feat. Joe Pilgrim – Rough & Tough
Alpha & Omega – Rough & Dub
Mikuś – From Ever Since
I David – Spear Dub
The Disciples – Dub Revolution (previously unreleased mix)
The Disciples – Dub Revolution Pt. 2
T-Jah – Rising Dub [Dub]
T-Jah – Rising Version [Dub]