strictly fresh & unreleased tunes:

Bob Marley & The Wailers “Lively Up Yourself (Bissoman Reedit)
Vivian Jones meets The Dub Shepherds “Execution In The Streets”
Vivian Jones meets The Dub Shepherds “Execution In Dub”
Vivian Jones meets The Dub Shepherds “Execution In The Streets (Jahno Discomix)”
Messenger Douglas & Kibir La Amlak “Blessings”
Kibir La Amlak “Never Tamed Dub”
Messenger Douglas & Kibir La Amlak “Real Works”
Kibir La Amlak “No Loafing Dub”
Messenger Douglas & Kibir La Amlak “Sufferers Tea”
Kibir La Amlak “Dangerous Lee’s Dub”
Messenger Douglas & Kibir La Amlak “Happiness”
Kibir La Amlak “School Term Dub”
Kuriooki & T-Jah “Panterkatze”
Kuriooki & T-Jah “Panterkatze (Jan Schulz (Remix)”
T-Jah meets Lacksley Castell “Jah Love Is Sweeter”
T-Jah “Jah Loves Horns”
T-Jah “Nicodubus”
Blackout JA “Nicodemus (T-Jah Dubversion)”
Yabby You “Conquering Lion (T-Jah Remix)”
T-Jah “Dub Lion”
T-Jah meets Hazel Dub “Rising Melodica Version”
Augustus Pablo meets Danman “Jah Lives (T-Jah Refix)”
T-Jah meets Bim Sherman & Jah Stone “Raining Bim / My Fat Ting Discomix”
Kuriooki “Diggididiggididub (Demo)”
Kuriooki “Bluemoonday”
Kuriooki “Bluemoonday Dub 2”
Kuriooki “Bluemoonday Dub”
Big Youth “Screaming Target (T-JAhs E-O-T-F Remix)”





Sugar Minott “Praise His Name”
Ticklah “Nine Years”
Chosen Brothers “Mango Walk”
Bullwackie’s All Stars “Dubwise Versions”
Rhythm & Sound “Mango Drive”
Cornel Campbell “King In My Empire”
Rhythm & Sound “King Version”
Rhythm & Sound w/ Paul St Hilaire “Music A Fi Rule”
Babe Roots & Another Channel “Can’t See”
Another Channel “Amir Dub”
Another Channel ft Babe Roots “Money Run Things”
Another Channel “Ethiopian Dub”
Babe Roots ft Another Channel “Get You Down”
Another Channel “Run (Babe Roots Remix)”
Kojo Neatness “Ruff Out Deh”
Babe Roots “Ruff Out Dubwise”
Willi Williams “See Mi Yah”
Jah Cotton “Dem Never Know”
Rod Of Iron “Lightning Storm”
Tony Jackson “Mother I Love You”
Jah B “Vampire”
Wickies Rhythm Force “Version”






Burning Spear “Free Black People”
Burning Spear “Free (Version)”
Phillip Fullwood “Thanks & Praises”
I-Mo-Jah “Jah Love”
Phillip Fullwood “Hotter Fire In Dub”
I-Mo-Jah “Peace & Love”
Phillip Fullwood “Jah Say Love”
I-Mo-Jah “One Song”
Phillip Fullwood “Words”
I-Mo-Jah “Fools Rush In”
Phillip Fullwood “Terror”
I-Mo-Jah “Weepin & Wailing”
Augustus Pablo ”
Fikir Amlak “Ekos (T-Jah Version)”
T-Jah meets Hazel Dub “Melodica Time”
Wayne Jarrett “Magic In The Air”
Stranger Cole “Freedom, Justice & Equality”
Super 8 Corporation “Freedom Version”
Stranger Cole “The Time Is Now”
Leroy Heptones “Revolution”
Bullwackie’s All Stars “Take Time”
Dill Smith “Set Me Free”
Super 8 Corporation “Free Version”
Jah Shaka meets Pepper “Fire Burn”
Jah Shaka meets Pepper “Expensive Dub”
The Disciples “The Disciples”
Deadbeat “Wail Ball & Cry”
Deadbeat “Dub Ball & Flange”
Augustus Pablo “Dub Organizer”






Alpha Steppa “Pachamama”
Fabasstone ft. Earl 16 “Global Warming”
Fabasstone “Dub Warming”
Joe Redubbed “Warrior March”
Joe Redubbed & Dre Ghe “Fuori Tema”
Joe Redubbed “Fuori Dub”
T-Jah ft. Fakir Amlak “Ancient Man”
T-Jah “Dubman”
Alpha Steppa & Nai-Jah “Rice Traffic”
Alpha Steppa “Rice Dub”
Alpha Steppa & Nai-Jah “Advanced Peace”
Alpha Steppa “Advanced Dub”
Alpha Steppa & Nai-Jah “Amazon”
Alpha Steppa “Amazon Dub”
Alpha Steppa & Nai-Jah “Progress”
Alpha Steppa “Progress Dub”
Alpha Steppa & Nai-Jah “Overcome”
Alpha Steppa “Overcome Dub”
Alpha Steppa & Nai-Jah “Biko”
Alpha Steppa “Biko Dub”
Lee Perry & Diggory Kendrick “The Antisnake”
Lee Perry & Diggory Kendrick “Antisnake In Dub”
Diggory Kendrick & The Upsetters “Return Of The Antisnake”
Diggory Kendrick & The Upsetters “Snakes & Ladders”
Sylford Walker “Burn Babylon”
The Mighty “Burning Version”
Sylford Walker “Jah Golden Pen”
The Mighty Two “Golden Dub”
Eek A Mouse “Wicked Shall Not Reign”
Eek A Mouse All Stars “Wicked Dub”
Carlton Livingston “Tale Of The Two Cities”
Shanti D “Education Is The Key”




Full Album Tracklist:

01 J Boog – Live Up (Dubmatix Remix)
02 Fyah T & Jah Mason – Backstabba (El Wharton Remix)
03 Junior Kelly – Heads Up (Dj Densen Remix)
04 Dre Island – On Time (The Hempolics Remix)
05 Naptali – Fire Burn (Manudigital Remix)
06 Morgan Heritage – Modern Man (AnalogBassCamp Remix)
07 Alborosie – Right Or Wrong (Philipp Greter Remix)
08 Sara Lugo feat. Protoje – Really Like You [dunkelbunt remix]
09 Naptali – Show Dem Love (Razoof Remix)
10 Skarra Mucci – Reggae Radio (Jan Faati Remix)
11 Sizzla – That’s Why (Mix Jagger Remix)
12 Sara Lugo – Locked Away (El Wharton Remix)
13 Fantan Mojah – Praises (Umberto Echo Remix)

Bonus Tracks:

14 Alborosie – Right Or Wrong (Philipp Greter Dubmix)
15 Dre Island – On Time (The Hempolics Remix Instrumental)
16 J Boog – Live Up (Dubmatix Remix Instrumental)
17 Naptali – Fire Burn (Manu Digital Remix Instrumental)
18 Fyah T & Jah Mason – Backstabba (El Wharton Remix Instrumental)
19 Sizzla – That’s Why (Mix Jagger Remix Instrumental)
20 Fantan Mojah – Praises (Umberto Echo Remix Instrumental)



Some bullshit happened in my hometown …
This is dubwise against this bullshit.
Dubwiseradio Chemnitz


Prince Douglas “March Down Babylon” –
Pupa Sock & T-Jah “Ick bin Keen Nazi, Aba…” –
T-Jah “Koto Dub” –
Junior Brown “Disaster (Disciples Remix)” –
Micheal Rose “World Crisis” –
The Upsetter Revue ft. Heptones, The Congoes & Jr Murvin “Play On Mr Music” –
Junior Dan “Look Out For The Devil” –
Barry Brown “Stop Them Jah” –
“Version” –
The Inturns “Nothing Is Impossible” –
Big Youth “Political Confusion” –
“Version” –
Martin Campbell & The Hi Tech Roots Dynamics “Wicked Rule (1997 Mix)” –
Martin Campbell & The Hi Tech Roots Dynamics “Wicked Rule Vs (1997 Mix)” –
Prince David / Moa Anbesser “Evil Fi Burn” –
Ojah “Wisdom” –
Roots Raid meets Ondubground –
Fleck & Blue Hill “Takes Dub” –
Bass Crafters ft. Shanti D. “We Give The People What They Need” –
Dubdadda “Give Love” –
Dubdadda “Give Dub” –
Seahorse “Flat Faced” –
Seahorse “Tiger Tail” –
Seahorse “Duppy” –
Pupa Sock & T-Jah “Ick Bin Ja Keen Nazi, Aba…” –
Willi Williams & Cousin Marshall “Rocking Universially (Alternative Mix)” –
Zion Train “Can’t Keep A Good Man Down”





Linton Kwesi Johnson “Bass Culture”
Carlton Patterson & King Tubby “King At The Controls”
Carlton Patterson & King Tubby “Weatherman Style”
King Tubby’s “King Of The Arena Dub”
Barry Brown “Let Go Jah Jah Children”
King Tubby “Leggo Jah Jah Children Dubplate”
Jacob Miller “Keep On Knocking”
King Tubby “Knocking Version”
Johnny Clarke “I Don’t Want To Be A Rudeboy (Original Tubby’s Mix)”
King Tubby “Tubby’s Dub Song”
King Tubby “Tubby’s Dub Song (Dub Mix 2)”
Aggrovators & Pablo “Rockers Style”
King Tubby “Rockers Style Dubplate”
Prince Jammy “The Crowning Of Prince Jammy”
Augustus Pablo “Pablo In Moonlight City (Discomix by Prince Jammy)”
Dennis Brown “Slave Driver”
Ranking Joe “Slave Driver Catch A Fire”
Prince Jammy “Throne Of Blood”
Sugar Minott “Give The People What They Want”
Prince Jammy “Brothers Of The Blade”
Wayne Smith “Time Is A Moment In Space”
Prince Jammy “Life Is A Moment In Space”
Barrington Levy “Collie Weed”
Scientist “My Ladys Dub”
Barry Brown “Love Is What The World Wants”
The Viceroys “Time Is Important”
Scientist “S.O.S.”
Scientist & King Jammy “Reconnaisance”
Scientist “East Of Scientist Corner”
Wailing Souls “What A Feeling”
Scientist “Voodoo Curse”
Scientist “Revolution Dub (Hempress Sativa in Dub)”




The Truth- Renk
Afrikan Simba- Read Up
Heights & Worship – Sellassie’s Song
Alpha & Omega – King and Queen
Rastafari Jahovia Version
Jah Schulz- Rise Up
Bush Chemists- Licht Up Your So lief
Green Lion Crew/ Mr Williamz – The General Comes To Town
The Prince Stoner- Prince Stoner’s Dub
Don Papa – Kange Dj Sotofett Remix
The Upsetters – Psyche & Trim
Bush Chemists- Earths Rightfull Ruler
Alpha & Omega- Rastafari Dubplate Mix
Barbes D/Dan I Locks- Ina Di Dub
Radikal Guru/ Cian Finn- This Applies





T-Jah “Dub & Shine Riddim”
Bim Sherman “Happiness”
Yabby Youth “DJ Hit Song”
Hensley Morris & Phil Pratt “Little Things”
The Frightnrs “All My Tears”
The Frightnrs “All My Tears Version”
Augustus Pablo “River Nile Version”
Leroy Wallace “Far Beyond”
Bongo Pat “Young Generation”
Pablo All Stars “New Style”
Reckless Breed “Basement Scrub”
Dub Shepherds “Downtown Trouble”
Ivan Jah “A True Story”
Art-X “Double Trouble”
Jahno “Humble Dub”
The Process feat. Little Axe, Ghetto Priest & Lee “Scratch” Perry “Return The Treasures”
The Process “Treasures Dub (Adrian Sherwood Mix)”
Sunday Steppers ft. Mari K. “I Choose To Smile And Dub”
Sunday Steppers “We Choose To Dub & Smile”
Sir Larsi I “Forever Dub Flash”
Sir Larsi I “Dub Flash Forever”
Hairl “Natural Stepper”
Hairl “Natural Dub”
Hairl “Earth Vibration”
T-Jah “Earth Vibration (e-o-t-f-collective remix)”
The Frightnrs “Till Then”
The Frightnrs “Till Then Version”
Techniques In Dub “Man Of My Word”
Thommy McCook & The Supersonics “Tracking Dub”
Mighty Diamonds “Play On Jah Music”





Monyaka – Rocking Time
Monyaka – Rocking Time Version
Roland Alphonso – Ego Trip
Jah Berry – Daily News
Phase One All Stars – Version
Ranking Caretaker – No Dash It Way (extended)
Mighty Threes – Sata (extended)
Penny Rasta – Fuzzin In Di Town Dub
Ojah feat. Nik Torp – Fear Not Dub
Alpha & Omega feat. Joe Pilgrim – Rough & Tough
Alpha & Omega – Rough & Dub
Mikuś – From Ever Since
I David – Spear Dub
The Disciples – Dub Revolution (previously unreleased mix)
The Disciples – Dub Revolution Pt. 2
T-Jah – Rising Dub [Dub]
T-Jah – Rising Version [Dub]









Flabba Holt “African Train”
Jah Earl “Bring The Cotuchit Come”
T-Jah “Couchie Dub”
Robert Dallas “Bearer Of Bad News”
Med Tone Allstars Band “Bearer Of Dub”
Linval Thompson “Fussing And Fighting”
Med Tone Allstars “Rubbing And Dubbing”
Prince Hammer “Righteous Man”
Tuff Scout “Righteous Dub”
Bim Sherman “Lightning And Thunder (Mungo’s HiFi Remix)”
Mungo’s HiFi “Thunderclap Dub”
Ronnie Davis “Make Haste”
Horus “Warning Dub”
Dub Across Borders “Sideways”
Dub Across Borders “Sideways (Vocal Mix)”
Dub Across Borders “Sideways Dubmix”
Debra Kees & The Black Five “Travelling”
T-Jah “Port Royal Riddim”
King General “World Gone Crazy”
Adam Prescott “Dub Gone Crazy”
Ruz “Love Beyond Price”
Hairl “Earth Vibration (E-O-T-F-Remix)”
Bunnington Judah “Sah Will Guide”
Full Dub “Jah Will Dub”
Rob Symeon “To The Fullness”
Alpha Steppa “Ancient Tribes (ft. Nai-Jah)”
Danny Red “Jahovia”
Scruff “Jah Dub”
Singer Blue “Roots Music”
Dub Shepherds “Revard Of A Message (ft. Ivan Jah)”
Dub Shepherds “Reward Of Dub”
Gregory Isaacs “Mr. Cop”
Big Youth “Political Confusion”


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