Matic Horns “Musical Storm”
Gussie P All Stars meets Buttons “Storm In Dub”
Alpha Steppa “”Catharsis Part I (ft. Chazbo & Cyp)”
Alpha Steppa “”Catharsis Part II (ft. Chazbo & Cyp)”
Alpha Steppa “Thanks & Praises”
Alpha Steppa “The River (ft. I-Sarana)”
Alpha Steppa “The Eternal River”
Alpha Steppa “Mek We March [Step By Step] (ft. Cologne)”
Alpha Steppa “Mek We Dub”
Violinbwoy “Unforseen Circumstances”
Burning Babylon “Dubisphere (Scorpius Rising Mix)”
Jah Schulz “Medi Dub (Part 3)”
Jah Schulz & T-Jah “Rootical Rise Up (ft. Tribuman)”
Johnny Clarke “Give Up The Badness”
“Badness Dub”
T-Jah & D.I.S “Possible Version (E-O-T-F Work In Progress)”
LXC & The Untouchables “Dreader Than Land”




1. Etherealites ‘Creation’
2. Jazzanova ‘Keep falling (Forss remix by Eric Wahlforss & Bo Kondren)’
3. Alex Cortiz ‘ Room 505’
4. Roots Manuva ‘Witness (One Hope) (Walworth Road Rockers Dub’
5. Boozoo Bajou ‘Under My Sensi’
6. Thievery Corporation ‘Stargazer’
7. Ancient Astronauts ‘All of the Things You Do (Forces Of Nature Dub’
8. Dub Syndicate ‘Gypsy Magic’
9. Razoof ‘Dub On The Beach (feat. Tom Dams)Instrumental’
10. Unitone HiFi ‘Guiding Star (Manasseh dub mix)’
11. Quantic ‘Make Dub Not War’
12. Kruder & Dorfmeister ‘Shakatakadoodub’
13. Butch Cassidy Sound System ‘Ready Dread (Version’
14. Sizzla ‘A Living Dub’
15. The Senior Allstars ‘Talking Roots’
16. Alpha & Omega – Conscious Woman Dub (Dubplate Mix’
17. Boom One Sound ‘Ancient Scrolls (Scientist’s Dub Version’
18. Glen Brown & King Tubby ‘Lambsbread Dub (Leftfield’s Half Past Dub’
19. Welton Irie ‘Lambs Bread International b/w Leggo The Herb Man Dub’
20. Sugar Minott ‘So We Dub It’
21. Sugar Minott ‘So We Love It’
22. Dry & Heavy ‘Herbal Wise (Organ Version)
23. Mikey Dread ‘Queen Dub’
24. Prince Far I ‘Menelik’
25. Michael Rose ‘Binghi Dub (Twilight Circus Prod’
26. Dennis Brown ‘Beautiful Morning Dub’
27. Bob Marley ‘One Love Dub (Bill Laswell Remix)’






Kuriooki & T-Jah meet Hairl “Dub & Wine ft. Thomas Blasko (T-Jah live in Tübingen)”
Dub Across Borders “Sideways”
Dub Defender ft. Joe Pilgrim “No Barriers”
Dub Defender “No Barriers (Dub Version)”
Dub Terror “No More Stress Dub”
Jah Shaka meets Pepper “Fire Burn”
Jah Shaka “Fire Dub”
Alpha Steppa “The Time Has Come ft. Nai-Jah (7″ Version)”
Alpha Steppa “Dub (7″ Version)”
Dill Smith “Set Me Free”
Super 8 Corporation “Free Version ”
The Interns “Nothing Is Impossible”
Techniques All Stars “Nothing Is Impossible Dub”
Soul Syndicate Band “Coconut Oil”
Winston & Ansel “Zion I”
Allison “Show I The Way”
Twinkle Brothers Riddim Section “Dub”
Beam Up “Mother (ft. Katya Tasheva)”



This mix was recorded in two sections: the first half was done in a selector style and fashion focusing on roots, dancehall, UK steppers and some of my own reggae/dub productions. For the second half of the mix I drew for tunes around the 140 and 160bpm mark that have been inspiring me lately. It may be a bit all over the place but it’s a good representation of where I’m at as a producer and DJ. Big up and enjoy!”
— Blind Prophet


Shy FX ft. Kiko Bun – Honey (Insanity Records)
Barrington Levy – Money Makes Friends (Greensleeves)
General Levy – New Dimension (Original Music)
Vibronics – African Stone (Jah Tubby’s)
Blind Prophet ft. Tenor Youthman – Marijuana Burns Capitalism (Dub-Stuy Records)
Blind Prophet – Dub Burns Capitalism (Dub-Stuy Records)
Blind Prophet – Phoenix (Unreleased)
RSD – Kingfisher (Skelli Skell Edit)
BunZer0 – Vibrant (Unreleased)
Tetrad – Green Crack (Unreleased)
DE-TU – Wicked Skank (Forthcoming Infernal Sounds)
Folding City – Corridor 1 (Unreleased)
Blind Prophet & Titus 12 – Delay The Storm (Unreleased)
Deep808 – Funky Monkeys (Unreleased)
Self Evident – Roughneck (Unreleased)
Blind Prophet & Bukkha – Acid Ting (Forthcoming Alphacut)
Sully – Zero Sum (NICE10TWO)
Studio Pressure – Presha III (Certificate 18)

free download

Für das erste Release von Fayah Chords aus München haben sie sich Crosby aus Südafrika und Longfingah aus Berlin eingeladen.

Hier ist die EP im Stream:




M.L.K. & The Breadwinners “Vibes Skillometre”
The Breadwinners “Makers Of Dub”
M.L.K & The Breadwinners “Makers Of Africa”
M.L.K. & The Breadwinners “African Pride”
The Breadwinners “African Dub”
M.L.K. & The Breadwinners “The World Is In Trouble”
The Breadwinners “World In Dub”
Ashanti Selah feat. Dan I Locks “Solid Foundation (Disco 12″ Mix)”
Ashanti Selah feat. Jah93 “Melodica Version”
Ashanti Selah “Dub Version 1”
Ashanti Selah “Dub Version 2”
Jah Schulz & Carsten Netz “Mentally Tougher By Using Dub (live in Tübingen)”
Kuriooki & T-Jah meet Lee Perry “Hole In The Sky Discomix (T-Jah live in Tübingen)”
Kuriooki “Mountain Mood (Mix 2)”
Kuriooki “Mountain Mood (T-Jah Dubmix)”




♦ Ichi part :
1- Dubkasm feat. Skelly Roots : “Chemical Reaction Dub” (7” BS0 Records),
2- Sabres of Paradise : “Wilmot” (LP Warp),
3- Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan : “Haq Ali Ali” LP Oriental Star Agencies Ltd),
4- Flatliners : “Raw Fi Dub” (7” 45 Seven),
5- Umberto Echo feat. Wally Warning : “Let Them Free” (LP 19_Enja),
6- Major Force Productions : “Egyptian Reggae” (12” Major Force),
7- Aisha : “Wait a Minute” (12” Ariwa),
8- Capital Letters : “Smoking My Ganja” (Rootikal Re-rub) (12” Reggae Archive Records),
9- Spooky : “Spartan” (Mosca Dub) (10” White Label),
10- RSD feat. Likkle Mai : “Prophecy” (7” DSZ),
11- Cultivator : “Promise Land” (12” Flying High),
12- Bim One Production feat. Digistep : “Easton Horns” (12” Riddim Chango),

♦ Hiroshi part :
13- Zilvy : “Aba Shaka” / “Aba Dub” ( 12″ Setbass),
14- Dubkasm : “Every Lion” / “Zulu Dawn” ( 10″ Sufferah’s Choice),
15- Prince Allah : “Jah Give I” ( 12″ cut Xamayca),
16- Kibir La Amlak feat. I Jah Salomon : “Born For A Purpose” / dub (12″ Salomon Heritage),
17- Yami Bolo : “It’s Not Suprising” / dub ( 7″ Grove Music),
18- Kazuman : “Freedom Marching” (10″ Saint Francis),
19- Ital Horns : “Ital Return” / “Ital Dub” / “Dp Special” (12″ Roots Temple),
20- Aketi Ray : “Mirror” (12″ Steppas),
21- OM : “Ababa Dub” ( Alpha & Omega Remix ) (2″ Drag City),
22- Earthquake Studio : “Voice Of Lightning And Thunder” ( LP The Legacy of Dub, Earthquake)
23- Iration Steppas : “Scud Misslie” / dub (12″ Iration Steppas).




Joe Morgan & Reckless Breed “Basement Session”
Reckless Breed “Basement Scrub”
Bunny & Ricky “Freedom Fighter”
The Upsetters “Ironwolf”
Delroy Butler “Give Thanks”
Horse Mouth “Herb Vendor”
Vivian Jackson & The Prophets “Sipping I & I Chalice”
The Prophets “I & I Chalice Version”
Carlton Livingston “Tale Of The Two Cities”
The Upsetter Revue “Play On Mr Music”
Vivian Jones & Russ Disciple “Fire”
Disciples “Fire Dub”
Danny Red “Jahovia”
Scruff “Jah Dub”
Aba Ariginals ft. Patrixx Matics “Camden Town”
I David “Strings For Jah”
I David “Strings Dub”
Lions Den & Al-kimiya meet Rockers Disciples ft. African Simba “Open Your Eyes (Manasseh Vocal Mix)”
Lions Den & Al-kimiya meet Rockers Disciples ft. African Simba “Open Your Dub 3 (Manasseh Dub)”
Lions Den & Al-kimiya meet Rockers Disciples ft. African Simba “Open Your Dub Part 2 (Roots Raid Remix)”





01. LV & Dandelion – Takeover (Dub)
02. theory – Babylon Dem (Dubmonger rmx draft 2)
03. NUMA Crew – Knowledge
04. Bo Marley – Fleisch
05. King Yoof Ft. Ilodica- Rum on Ice
06. Dj Madd Ft. G. Rina- Never 2 Late
07. Jrubber – improvisation (Dub)
08. Anti Bypass – Bass Ace Part 6
09. RSD – Trample
10. WuduB & Little Lion MC – Little Clown
11. Soom T – Never Got Caught
12. Radikal Guru Ft Cian Finn – Babylon Sky (Rsd rmx)
13. Dubkasm – Soul In Dub
14. Dubbing Sun & Digid – War In The Ghetto
15. Kanka – Do It
16. Lacksley Castell – Jah Love Is Sweeter (FLeCK & Blue Hill rmx)
17. Phuture Assassins – Future Sound (Future Dub)
18. Echo Jo – Jamrock Riddim (Dub)
19. Rory Stone Love feat Samory I / Odelyah – Rasta nuh Gangsta / War in Africa (mix)





T-Jah “Moody Ska”
Bob Marley & The Wailers “Soul Shakedown (Roger Rivas Organ Version)”
Techniques “Find A Fool”
Santic All Stars “Palace Of Peace”
King Tubbystyle “Request Granted”
Jah Woosh “Chalice Blaze”
King Tubby & Santic All Stars “One Heavy Duba”
The Hempolics “Serious”
The Hempolics “Serious Dub”
Sheila Rickards “Jamaican Fruit”
King Tubby & Prince Phillip “The Dub Station”
Aggrovators “Roots Jamaica Dub”
King Fifi “The Riddim”
King Fifi “King Riddim”
Ruz “Love Beyond Price”
Egoless “The Dawn (Pt. 4)”
ODG “Children Remix”
Wailers Band “Ghetto Dub”
The Breadwinners “The Law (ft. City Culture)”
Antibypass “Jaya Dub”
King Yoof “Dinkys Dub”





01 Aku-Fen ft Omar Perry – Behold (O.B.F Remix) (12’’ Jarring Effects)
02 FLeCK & Blue Hill ft I-Lodica – Aphreka Dub (Steppers Mix) (12’’Ulan Bator)
03 Jahman Dan & Paul Fox – Conspiracy (12’’ Sound Business)
04 Jahman Dan & Paul Fox – Conspiracy Dub
05 Indica Dubs & Echo Vault ft Ras Mykha & Marion – King Of Zion (Alpha & Omega Remix) (12’’ Indica Dubs-ISS Music)
06 Lion Warriah – We Are Rebels (12” 4Weed Records)
07 Hairl Dub – Rebels Dub
08 Mr. Zebre ft Dan I – They Use To (Rootikal Attack)
09 Mr. Zebre- They Use To Dub
10 Giallo Man – Heartical Souljah (12’’ Moa Anbessa)
11 Moa Anbessa – Heartical Dub Version
12 MC Branco – Life Blooms
13 Don Fe – Livity Dub
14 Kandee & Jahzz – Tails Of Youth (7’’ Blackboard Jungle)
15 Kandee & Jazz – Tails Of Dub
16 N-Tone ft Afrikan Simba – U Wrong (Digid Remix) (unreleased)
17 Bony Fly ft Sr. Wilson – Trumpet Dem Blow (12’’ Cubiculo Records)




This shows selection is inspired by 3 days @ DUBCAMP:

The Silvertones “Rejoyce Jah Children”
The Upsetters “Rejoyce Skank”
Hugh Mundell “Great Tribulation”
Pablo All Stars “D. Park Style”
Twinkle Brothers “Free Africa”
Twinkle Riddim Section “Free Version”
Barry Brown “Step It Up”
Thompson All Stars “Rock Me In Dub”
Clinton Campell “New Civilisation”
“Rockers Galore”
Twinkle Brothers “Never Get Burn”
Twinkle Riddim Section “Dub”
Shaka Black “Roghteous Day”
Horus & Al “Righteous Dub”
Prince Far I “Message From The King”
Prince Allah “Daniel”
Tapper Zukie “Blackman”
The Stars Players “Dub Lions Den”
Dubbing Sun “Deliver Me”
Wayne McArthur “Festival Warriors”
Dub Conductor “Festival Warrior Dub”
Mighty Howard “Lion Paw”
Earthikal Towa “Dub Paw (Vibronics Dubwise)”





Babe Roots – Brown Walls Part 1 & 2
Digitaldubs & Cedric Myton ft. Afromandinga – In The Beggining
Digitaldubs ft. Afromandinga – Benin Dub
Digitaldubs & Ranking Joe ft. Afromandinga – Nyahbhingi
Digitaldubs ft. Afromandinga – Zimba Dub
The Creation Steppers – Kill Nebuchadnezzar
The Creation Steppers – Kill Nebuchadnezzar Dub
Alpha Steppa – Jah Jah Creation (ft. Jonah Dan, Ras Tinny, Don Fe)
Alpha Steppa – Jah Dub Creation
Alpha Steppa – Prophecies Unfold (ft. Cologne)
Alpha Steppa – Dub Unfold
Alpha Steppa – 3rd Kingdom (ft. Tenor Youthman)
Alpha Steppa – Dub Kingdom
Alpha Steppa – Mek We March (ft. Cologne)
Alpha Steppa – Mek We Dub
Alpha Steppa – Concrete Dub
Alpha Steppa – The Time Has Come (ft. Nai-Jah & Ras Divarius) [7″ Version!]
Alpha Steppa – The Time Has Come (ft. Nai-Jah & Ras Divarius) [XLR8R Exclusive Dub Mix]
Alpha Steppa – The Dub Has Come (ft. Nai-Jah) [7″ Version!]
Alpha Steppa – The Dub Has Come [ Double CD Dub Version]
T-Jah “Rising Dub”




Greece’s premier downtempo and lounge label Melting Records is branching out into like-minded genres with a new series titled MRSPECIAL. The releases in this series are indeed special, featuring a focus on a different style of music each time. This inaugural issue – Humble Dubbers – tackles the intertwining worlds old-school dub, roots, and reggae steppers, as seen through the Melting Records looking glass. Veteran dubwise producers and irie new names rub shoulders on the compilation’s ten tracks, coming together to give the listener a mind-expanding journey along a space-echoed pathway.

This compilation is dedicated to the 470,000 dead Syrians and to the 12,641 dead refugees during the 2014 – 2017 refugee crisis in the sea of Mediterranea.
Melding Records


01_African Stone_Run Rasta Run [Pressure Sounds] 12″
02_Bob Marley & The Wailers_I’m Hurtin Inside [Wail Soul] 7″
03_Marcia Griffith_Hurting Inside [High Tone] 7″
04_Hux Brown_Drugs Man [Power Pack] 7″
05_Dub Artillery ft Singes Verts_Rise Up Rastaman [Zulu Vibes] 7″
06_Dub Artillery ft Singes Verts_Dub Up Rastaman [Zulu Vibes] 7″
07_Aba-Shanti-I_Verse I [Aba-Shanti-I] 12″
08_Ashanti Selah_Violin Step (Untitled Mix)[Steppas] 12″
09_Ashanti Selah ft Ras Divarius_Violin Step [Steppas] 12″
10_FLeCK & Blue Hill ft. I-Lodica_Aphreka Dub [Ulan Bator Records] 12″
11-Toni Wobble_Cyant Stop Dub [BassComeSaveMe] 12″
12_Madplate Sound ft Jago & Galak Spirituel_Tension [Moonshine Recordings] 12″
13_Bukkha & Blind Prophet_Lion´s Rights [Archetype Records] 12″
14_D-Operation Drop_Liberation [Moonshine Recordings] 12″
15_Blind Prophet & Bukkha_Stone Dub [Moonshine Recordings] 12″
16_Dubbing Sun & Digid_Fights Against Evil (Roots Version)[Archetype Records] 10″
17_Weeding Dub meets Ras Divarius_Gypsy Dub [Wise & Dubwise Recordings] 12″





Dub Shepherds “White Chicken (ft. Jolly Joseph)”
Dub Shepherds “Dubby Chicken”
Dub Shepherds “Out Of The Sun (ft. Ivan Jah)”
Dub Shepherds “Mi And Dem A Dub”
Dub Shepherds “Life Is Easier (ft. Joe Pilgrim)”
Dub Shepherds “Dub Is Easier”
Dub Shepherds “Not Every Bell (ft. Jolly Joseph)”
Dub Shepherds “Not Every Dub”
Negritage ft. Zion Irie “Lie Lie Lie (Gueto Discomix)”
Negritage ft. Med Dread “Kyrenia Dreams”
Negritage ft. Christina Polycarpou “From Kyrenia With Dub”
Negritage ft. Ibel Campbell “The Lazy And The Greedy”
Negritage “Anti Greedy Version”
Negritage ft. Yuuri Bamboo “Soul Stepper”
Negritage “Soulful Version”
Culture “See Them A Come”
Prince Weedy “Mask Me Mask”
Joe Gibbs & The Proffessionals “State Of Emergency”
Culture “Informer”
The Myghty Two “Informer Version”
Shorty The President “Natty Pass His GCE”
Culture “Two Sevens Clash”



Summer vibes from the dubwiseradio headquarters ;)
…nothing more to say… just Zippin Up The Congos:


Carlton Livingston “100 Weight Of Collie Weed (FLeCK & Blue Hill Remix)”
Mickey Dread “Heavy Weight Sound Dub (FLeCk & Blue Hill Remix)”
The Congos “Congoman (Original Black Ark Mix)”
The Congos “Congoman Chant”
The Congos “Ark Of The Covernant (Original Black Ark Mix)”
The Congos “Ark Of The Covernant
The Congos “Noah Sugar Pan”
The Congos “Children Crying (Original Black Ark Mix)”
The Congos “Children Crying”
The Congos “Fisherman (Original Black Ark Mix)”
The Congos “Fisher Man (Edit)”
Horace Andy “Love Love Love”
Big Youth “Feed A Nation”
Lee Perry “Bring The Mackaback”
Max Romeo “Give Praises”
Prince Jazzbo “Live Good Today”
Lee Perry “Fisher man Dub”
The Congos “Sodom & Gomorrow (Original Black Ark Mix)”
The Congos “Sodom & Gomorrow”




There is a smile that don’t want to leave my face
because of:
lots of sweetest memories from Fuego A La Isla- festival 3 weeks ago…
also a bunch of nu tunes that arrived the headquarter…
at least- sun is shinig …


Alpha Steppa “The Time Has Come (ft. Nai-Jah & Ras Divarius, Exclusive Dub Mix)”
Undefined “Quiet Flame”
Beam Up ft. Dubble Dubble “8-7-1 (Steppas)”
Beam Up ft. Terence Bowry “Hanabi Redubbed”
Kuriooki Liveset @ Fuego A La Isla 2017
T-Jah Liveset @ Fuego A La Isla 2017
Jah Schulz Liveset @ Fuego A La Isla 2017