This is dreamtrap. The BootsTrap mix is a bass-heavy excursion into the the evolving horizon of deep trap music where we’ll explore the emerging style of chill, beautiful songs – infused with the hip-hop inspired bass beats that make trap what it is. This mix was specially crafted to make the use out of your subwoofers, so if you have bass in your soundsystem – turn it up. If you’ve tried trap music before and it’s not for you, I urge you to give this sub-genre a shot. It’s quite different than the usual in-your-face eardrum-wompers you’ve heard before.
Zack Darling



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Bure Beat ist die Erfindung von Beat Making Lab, bei dem sie traditionelle Klänge von den Fiji-Inseln mit Electronic-Beats mischen. Im nachfolgenden Video gibt es eine kleine Doku und auf SoundCloud noch den free Download dazu. Also: dig it!