Mein Lieblingstrack aus dem aktuellen und empfehlenswerten Neneh Cherry Album „Broken Politics“ hat jetzt auch ein Video bekommen.

Das Video für ‘Natural Skin Deep’ wurde von der aufstrebenden Künstlerin und Filmemacherin Akinola Davies gedreht. Akins Arbeit konzentriert sich auf gesellschafts-politische Fragen. Akin hat bereits Musikvideos für Blood Orange (Charcoal Baby) Klein, (Marks Of Worship) sowie Filme für Modemarken wie Kenzo gedreht.

Akin über das Video:

“so what I’ll say is we filmed the video with a large and beautiful cast in Beiruit, Lebanon. Much of my work is community centric, be it global or local community. It’s important that we all see ourselves reflected in art. Equally it’s about whether our relationship with materialism is making us more apathetic to what’s going on around us? Neneh being this global icon and the name of the album being called Broken Politics lent itself to having more intent within the various themes. There is a lot going on in video truth be told, I went to see Neneh play at Village underground and everyone whipped out their phones to film her, so much so I got asked by this guy to move because I was in the way of his phone. Seemed quite ironic that the world is right here in front of us, really 360 degree drama. Instead of communicating through screens maybe we’re all consuming it through screens.”


Four Tet hat für ‘Natural Skin Deep’ Ornette Colemans 1969er Track “Growing Up” gesampelt, auf dem Neneh Cherrys Vater Don Cherry das Kornett spielt.

Lyrisch ist Neneh unerbittlich dabei, die Kolonisation zu richten; “Here’s one for The Great Sioux Nation/ Bla bla bla for a generation/ no living on station/ pumping that black gold over the hill/ recycle evolution while killing free will, free will”.



PLAYLIST : 1 Charlie Chaplin – the dictator & Money chicha – quieren effectors / 2 Captain planet – Speakin Nuyorican / 3 Monetrik – Mambo grodo / 4 Altin gun – Tatli dile guler yuze / 5 Slim Harpo – Cigarettes / 6 Quantic feat Doom & Perpiniadis – Affti Nysta / 7 Nora Dean – Ay ay ay / 8 Chuck Miller – Baltimores jones / 9 Jimmy Cliff – Guns of Brixton / 10 The bombay royale – Monkey fight snake / 11 Lao Vao Song – Japanes business / 12 Moderator – The scene of crime / 13 Trotter – Os originais do Samba / 14 Alemayehu Eshete – Chiro Adarie Negne / 15 Storm – Rompimiento / 16 Acid arab – Stil / 17 Mato Pato – Kitty winter gipssy nova




1. Spaceschneider – Let Go
2. TRiPmusic – Smoke Without Fire
3. Michelle Qureshi – Each Good Rain
4. Spaceschneider – Calmly
5. Lance Allen – Rest Your Way Home
6. Paul Kalkbrenner – Dockyard
7. Maggie Rogers – Dog Years
8. Susan Lautenbacher, violin/Martin Galling, harpsichord – Sonata for Violin & Harpsichord No 2 In A M (Presto)
9. Mononome – Vibrating Pulses




Das französische Duo DJ SOULIST & FULGEANCE aka Souleance zollen auf diesem name-your-Price-Album dem kanadischen Komponisten Galt MacDermot Tribut, der im Dezember letzten Jahres verstorben ist und der seinen größten Erfolg in den 60er Jahren mit dem Musikal HAIR feierte.

A genius, a maestro, already sampled by big names. But we had to do something around this Sir who recently passed away. From “The Nucleus”, the musical “Two Gentleman of Verona”, the unfamous “Boogie Man” & of course “Shapes Of Rythm” we tried to make a journey through the world of McDarmot.
Hope you’ll have a nice trip with us.
RIP Galt MacDarmot.




Der russische Funk, Jazz und Soul Connaisseur Anatoly Ice hat hier mit 89 Titeln und 4,5 h Spielzeit seine Lieblingstitel aus Funk, Soul, Jazz, Disco und HipHop aus dem letzten Jahr zusammengetragen:

Calibro 35 — Travelers
Ed Jones Quartet — Nomadology
MAST (feat. Brian Marsella) — Ask Me Now
Khruangbin — Lady and Man
Trailer Limon — Somehow I’m Not Concerned
The Expansions — Cannonball
Richard Russell — Close But Not Quite
Monophonics — Summer Breeze
Kenneka Cook — My Universe
Bosq (feat. Induce) — Step into Midnight
Ebo Taylor — Yen Ara
Idris Ackamoor and the Pyramids — Tinoge
Mabuta (feat. Buddy Wells) — Log Out Shut Down
Sun Hop Fat — Silly Putty
Chip Wickham — Snake Eyes
Kamaal Williams — High Roller
Nu Guinea -Disco Sole
Mamas Gun — Diamond In The Bell Jar
Shadow Republik — Time and Space
Keys Zuna — Get Off
Rkls — Waste No Time
Medline — Scrabble
Jonny Drop — Moon Food
Lutz Krajenski — I Got Hope
Joel Sarakula — Understanding
Brownlout — Louder Than a Bomb
Gizelle Smith — Around Again
The Magnificant Tape Band (feat. Rachel Modest) — Requiem
JtotheC — Notice
Bluestaeb — Last Minute Session Cut
RSN — Black Sky
Nicola Conte and Spiritual Galaxy — Space Dimensions
The Midnight Hour — Redneph In B Minor
Cecily — Grow
Dwight James and The Royals — Need Your Loving
Tom Misch (feat. Loyle Carner) — Water Baby
Sean Khan, Hermeto Pascoal — Moment Of Collapse
Adrian Younge — Chasing Love
Tenderlonious — Expansions
Golden Dawn Arkestra — Children Of The Sun
Kassin — Relax
Leon Bridges — You Don’t Know
Astronauts, etc. — Visitor
Potatohead People — Late Show Theme
Tribe Mars — TimeSpace
Allysha Joy — Selfish
The Bamboos — Backfired
Reel People — Keep It Up
R+R=NOW — Awake To You
Otis Junior, Dr Dundiff — Come Closer
Jazzanova (feat. Pete Josef) — Follow Your Feet
79.5 — Boy Don;t Be Afraid
The PutBacks — Drones
Kaidi Tatham — Joyous
The Far Out Monster Disco Orchestra — Black Sun
Dakhla Brass — Quicksand
Daniel Crawford (feat. Osunlade) — All Comes Down to What (Searching For)
Space Invadas — Wild World
Fevra — November
Noname (feat. Phoelix and Benjamin Earl Turner) — Part Of Me
Mourning [A] BLKstar — Destiny Skies
Michael Leonhart Orchestra — The Painted Lady Suite
Emanative — Heaven’s Mirror
Binker and Moses — The Birth of Light
Zeitgeist Freedom Energy Exchange — Big Up
Cacartu — Haze
Leifur James — Osho
Orchestre Tout Puissant Marcel Duchamp — Lost and Found
Jimi Tenor — Mysteria
August Greene (feat. Brandy) — Optimistic
Kamasi Washington — Song For The Fallen
Anthony Joseph — Dig out Your Eye
Moses Boyd Exodus — Axis Blue
Javier Santiago — Phoenix
Abstract Orchestra — Great Day
the Lewis Express — Last Man in the Chain Gang
Bacao Rhythm and Steel Band — Xxplosive
Sitka Sun — Blood Diamond
Bixiga 70 — Primeiramente
Tommy Guerrero — Handful Of Hell
Jose James — Better Off Dead
Joseph Malik — Inside In, Outside Out
Planetself — You Plus Me
JtotheC — Ladies and Gentlemen
Vulfpeck — Lost My Treble Long Ago
Unbelievable Two — Power Plant
Rich Jones — Drone Kids
Kerbside Collection — Nola
Tasha — Lullaby


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Lange nicht mehr so ein gutes Downbeat-Mixtape gehört!

Das Budapester DJ- und Produzentenduo Nándor Kürtössy & Sándor Lakatos aka Savages Y Suefo hat mich erst vor kurzem mit ihrem neuen Album “Brotherhood” begeistert.

Nun setzen sie mit diesem für mich herausragenden Sunday Joint für die Blogrebellen noch einen drauf.

Danke dafür!



Soundtracks for Living - Volume 89 - Guest Mix by Steve Eddins