Thao & The Get Down Stay Down, die Band aus Oakland um Sängerin und Songschreiberin Thao Nguyen, stellt das neue Video zum Titel Phenom vor. Das Video wurde vollständig über eine Zoom-Videokonferenzsoftware inmitten der Kontaktsperre Kaliforniens aufgenommen, ohne dass sich die Mitarbeiter jemals gemeinsam im selben Raum befanden.

Phenom is a direct descendant of the song Meticulous Bird from my previous album „A Man Alive“. I wrote it late last year. I was reading Octavia Butler and Ursula Le Guin and channeling other worlds, a sort of post-apocalyptic utopia wherein time collapses and generations of the true leaders and the scorched of the earth come back and rule, wherein the earth itself comes back and brings to bear. I was and am always in deep awe of the fierce and focused throughout history who have worked and organized at the front lines, calling bullshit and protecting vulnerable life. They are the real phenoms and we are strong from their strength. The first seed of this song was that guitar riff that is layered over and over again at the end. Phenom is at the edge of mania with the miscarriage of truth and justice and power, but believes in a more virtuous time and place in the distance.“
– Thao Nguyen



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Phenom ist der zweite Track aus dem am 15.05.2020 auf Ribbon Music erscheinenden Album „Temple“.