The Great Harlot and the Beast (animated short film)

The Great Harlot and the Beast

Dieser Kurzfilm ist sehr gut gemacht, hinterlässt bei mir aber aufgrund der Story ein ungutes Gefühl. Geht’s euch auch so?

Graduation film from The Animation Workshop/VIA UC: How will the naive freshly carved prince and his co-actors withstand their audience’s insatiable appetite for entertainment?


“The Great Harlot and the Beast” was made by a team of third year Character Animation and CG Arts students at The Animation Workshop in Viborg, Denmark. Check out the individual students’ blogs at the links below to learn more about the talent behind the film!

Frederik Salling Troels-Smith,
art direction, animation

Julie Peitersen,
production manager, concept art

Karsten Kjærulf-Hoop,
direction, idea & animation

Katharina Goslowsky,
computer graphics, prop & environment design

Kristina Stengaard,
animation, concept art, prop & character design

Laura Andersen,
technical art director, rigging

Rasmus Brinck,
animation lead, story & character development



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