The Jazz Pit Vol 4 : Soul – No limits (free mixtape)

Soul - No limits


1. Brown Baby
by Diana Ross
2. What’s going on (Live)
by Marvin Gaye
3. Dirt & grime
by Farthers children
4. Nowhere to run
by Family underground
5. Suga would ya
by Sammy Campbell
6. People will be people
by Gold
7. To love someone
by JC Brooks
8. L.A. will make you pay
by Burton Inc.
9. Get thy bearings
by Sand Dollars
10. No Limit
by Darrow Fletcher
11. Just leave me some
by Black Ivory
12. We got to get together
by Masterminds
13. My style
by Nicky James
14. I’m the one
by Spoon bread
15. Tears don’t care who cries
by Out of sights
16. Fever
by Manhattans

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