Mark Wayward ist mit dem Original Soundtrack von The Nice Guys nicht zufrieden und hat seinen eigenen Soundtrack zusammengemixt:

As much as I loved The Nice Guys I found the soundtrack to be a real missed opportunity. Why go to the trouble of issuing a deluxe collectors double vinyl edition when the music on it can be found on the most basic ‘Hits of the Seventies’-style compilation? I love “Papa was a Rolling Stone” and “September” as much as anyone but they’ve been comped to death at this point.
I also thought it a bit weird that a film set so specifically in 1977 (the date is the first thing we see onscreen) featured tracks like “Boogie Wonderland” and “The Pina Colada Song” when they both came out in 1979 – but then that’s nothing compared to the Kool & the Gang track that got used.
I did whatever the aural equivalent of a double-take is when Kool & the Gang’s “Get Down On It” started playing in the big party scene. How did a song released t in 1981 make the cut? It doesn’t even sound like a song from 1977 to my ears. Wouldn’t “Hollywood Swinging” have been a more apt choice given that it came out in 1974, the film’s set In Hollywood and it features a sleazy, ‘swinging’ party sequence? Just a thought.
Mark Wayward

Tracklist and stuff:

Etta James – All The Way Down (1973)
Salsoul Orchestra – Nice ’n‘ Naasty (Edit) (1976)
Yvonne Fair – Funky Music Sho Nuff Turns Me On (1975)
C.C.P.P. – Prancai (Edit) (1975)
Martin Kershaw – Riff Raff (1976)
Junie – Susie Thundertussy (Edit) (1975)
Lee Michaels – Who Could Want More (1969)
Patrice Rushen – Hang it Up (Edit) (1978)
Gladys Knight & the Pips – We Don’t Look For Trouble (1975)
Mike Moran – The Pick-Up (1976)
Robert Jay – Alcohol Pt 1 (1973)
Ike & Tina Tuner – Bold Soul Sister (1970)
Atlantis – He’s Got a Gun (1976)
The Choice Four – Get Down to Earth (Instrumental Edit) (1977)
Eloise Law – Love Goes Deeper Than That (1977)
Burton Inc. – LA Will Make You Pay (1977)
Joe Bataan – Sadie (1976)
Etta James – Jump Into Love (1973?)
Booty’s Rubber Band – The Pinnochio Theory (1977)
Intrinsic Trance – Hey Policeman (1976)
Vic Caesar – Bare Knuckles Theme (1977)
Brian Bennett – The Prowler (1978)
Eunice Collins – At the Hotel (1974)
Lou Rawls – She’s Gone (1976)
Little Beaver – Get into the Party Life (1974)
The 5th Dimension – Big John is my Name (1974)
The Supremes – You’re My Driving Wheel (1976)
Jaye P Morgan – Let’s Get Together (1976)
Milton Wright – Friends and Buddies (1975)
Rasputin’s Stash – Love and Happiness (1976?)
War – Why Can’t We Be Friends (1975)

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