TIPP: Darell Threeths – Musiker, Maler und Fotograf


Darell Threeths habe ich über youtube kennengelernt und war sofort begeistert.
Zu einem ist er Musiker und produziert sehr souligen HipHop.

“nice kenfolks….keep going cuz they do want us to see or hear a black man with a thinking mind…they just want to cloud our head with words like “burr“ bet that….bighall…”— bighalloffame

“the man can flow and knows how to pick a beat,,, deadly combination!! ”
— 3600omega

“I agree with Vthov, this is hot man! I was taken by how filled the song is with ‚verse‘. You got flow man! I love how experimental the prod. is – thats crazy appeal** I found the guitars and piano a real plus. But the attraction are the words, the spits. Reminiscent to andre 3000 when he rapped A+ ”— NewWorldRob

Zum anderen ist er Maler und Fotograf. Sehr gut gefallen mir seine Portraits und seine Speed Drawing Videos.

Ein wahres Multi-Talent – check him out:

Musik – www.threeths.com

Kunst – http://www.behance.net/2astronauts/frame

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