Tipp: Gabriel Le Mar (Saafi Brothers) – Crossing the Crossroads Mash Up Mix (free mixtape)

Das Kraftfuttermischwerk is a german based blog with the thematic focus of visual art, culture and music – especially electronic music.

This year again, the readers get every day of December, a fresh mix per day. Almost all of these mixes were made exclusively for that and all styles of electronic music are contained.

For all mixes visit: http://www.kraftfuttermischwerk.de/blogg/?cat=127

01: Stash! – Herbs An´ Tings / Fábel – Kurumi 2.0 (Gabriel Le Mar meets Pablo Bolivar Redub)
02: Saafi Brothers – Together in Silence / Nicolas Masseyeff – No More Time (Oxia Remix)
03: Saafi Brothers – On Air / Beckers & D-Nox – Cala A Boca
04: Saafi Brothers – The Witness / Oliver Klein feat Cari Golden – The Tease (Peter Jürgens Rmx)
05: Saafi Brothers – Feelings Per Room / Vollmer, Brendel – Influenze (Antonio Olivieri Remix)
06: Saafi Brothers – Seven Horizons / Pascal Feos, Frank Leicher – Ocean D Amour (Feos RMX)
07: Saafi Brothers – Sunchild / Pascal Feos – Where Am I (FEOS & Leicher Remix) 08: Saafi Brothers – Fusedub / Aiken – Hypotesis
09: Saafi Brothers – Internal Code Error / Sweet N Candy – For Those Who Know



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