Hommage des jamaikanischen DJs The Lone Ranger und dem französischen Produzenten Grant Phabao an Jamaikas größten Sprinter Usain Bolt.
While chillin‘ with Jamaican singers The Lone Ranger, Jim Brown and Carlton Livingston a few weeks ago at Paris DJs studios, Djouls and Grant Phabao asked them what they should do with the song, with the 2012 Olympic Games happening very fast and the buzz around Usain Bolt growling like thunder… The Jamaicans all replied instantly that the track should be put up and spreading, that all the „but what if he doesn’t win this time?“ doubts should be erased because there was „no way“ he was gonna lose. Being asked „how do you know that?“, the Paris DJs operators were offered the most simple answer: „because he is Usain Bolt“.


The Honourable Usain Bolt, Faster Than
Rawhide Kid Or Even The One Called Kid Colt
Tighten Up Your Nut And Bolt
Massive Massive

Puma, Sponsors The Fastest Runner
From The Island Of Jamaica
Usain Bolt Is His Name
He’s In The Open Lane

Sprinting Through The Wind
And Sprinting In The Rain
Sprinting Up A China
Sprinting Down A Port Of Spain
Sprinting Up A Belgium
Or Even Ukraine
And Him Sprinting In The Lane
Speeding Down The Track
Like A Choo Choo Train
Lightning Bolt Is His Name


3 Times World And Olympic Gold Medalist
First Man To Set 3 World Records At The Olympics
First Junior Sprinter To Run The 200 Meter
In Under 20 Seconds In 2007
He Surpasses Donald Quarrie’s Jamaican Record
To Di World !
Usain Bolt Say So
Born 85 In Sherwood Content, In The Parish Of Trelawny
The Most Phenomenal Sprinter Ever Produced In Jamaica
By Puma


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