Nerina Pallot - The Road
Das erste Video aus Nerina Pallots neuem Album ‚The Sound And The Fury‘ ist zu „The Road“ entstanden und wurde bereits in der Tageszeitung THE GUARDIAN gewürdigt. Ursprünglich als Song über Selbstbestimmung geschrieben, hatte Nerina Pallot Immigration nicht im Sinn. Doch als Regisseur Damian Weilers ihr erzählte, dass er über die Flüchtlinge in Calais drehen und ihren Song dafür nutzen wollte, war sie sofort einverstanden:

„To me, this isn’t a political issue – it is a humanitarian one. While European governments argue, the pressure increases. On borders, on local communities, on lorry drivers who find themselves  unwittingly carrying human cargo – but most of all, on those who have become stateless and desperate.
Damian went to Calais with an open mind and came away moved by the kindness and openness of people who have nothing and just want the chance to work for a better life. People who for a myriad of reasons find the place they once called home unstable and dangerous, and that to stay would mean risking their lives.
My mother and her family came here from India in the 1960s, and were able to make a life; to get an education, work and contribute to society. As the product of British multiculturalism, when I see migrants, I see hope and hard work.
But most of all I see humans, like you and I.”


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