„The Songs To Chill To mix is a small collection of electronic, ambient, chillhop and jazzhop sounds perfect for when… you just can’t be bothered to do anything.“

[00:00] mt fujitive (@mt_fujitive) – „wildflowers“
[01:03] jaeden camstra (@jaeden-camstra) – „cartoons“
[02:51] santpoort (@santpoortnoord) – „rolling down this lazy wave“
[05:04] Aso (@aricogle) – „Sundays“
[08:03] j’san (@iamjsan) – „not a smile just a waste“
[10:49] santpoort – „that day the sky fell on your face“
[13:01] Philanthrope (@philanthrope1) – „sleep next to me“
[15:58] Psalm//Trees (@psalm-trees) – „Wherever You Are“
[18:04] Xia Dawn (@tandl-1) – „Palm Beach“
[19:43] Samashi (@samaxshi) – „Reflections“




‘Almost Blue’ is an EP in tribute to Chet Baker by the members of Millennium Jazz’s online community that is the Jazz Jousters collective. With our shared love of Jazzhop and Jazz orientated music the group was inspired by Chet Baker’s material and decided to educate ourselves and have a lab off session based on this artist.



ON THE RADAR is a new production series where MJM showcases entire albums focused on features from producers that reside in or represent a certain country.
For this session we have some of our German friends and beat heads on the radar as we happily to present, Made In Germany: On The Radar vol.2.
Millennium Jazz Music




Einem Mann mit einem ganz großen… Herzen und einem kleinen… Stock…
Ein “Sugar Daddy“, der einer Frau jeden Wunsch von den Lippen abliest:
Diamanten, Perlen, Schuhe oder die nächste OP.
Alice Francis ist dabei witzig, charmant, sexy und provokant, mit einer Würze Crazyness – typisch für die Queen of Neo- & Electroswing halt: